Friday, September 16, 2011


Recently, Nate and I each had our "scariest moment in parenting".

Mine occurred on Labor Day weekend when I put Maggie down for a nap in her pack and play at Nate's family's lake house. The pack and play was right next to a dresser and while I had removed items from the top of the dresser for her previous naps that weekend, I did not do it this one time. Luckily, a couple minutes later I attempted to sneak back into the room to get a change of clothes when I saw Maggie, sitting up in her pack and play, with everything that was on the dresser in her pack and play. She was just sitting there playing with a fake flower decoration. As I looked in the pack and play, I saw pills scatterred everywhere. Nate's grandpa's pillbox happened to be on the dresser that day. PANIC. We could not be sure she ate any of the pills, but on that same token, we could not be sure she did NOT eat any pills. We got the list of medications from Nate's grandpa and I called poison control and totally broke down crying. Mother of the Year for sure. Luckily, IF Maggie had eaten any of the pills, she could be monitored at home. We did not need to take her to the Emergency Department. We were instructed to keep her awake (no afternoon nap that day), feed her a snack and make sure she had plenty of fluids. We saw no strange behavior that they told us to look for so we assume that she never consumed any of the pills. I still want to throw up whenever I think of that day.

Last night, Nate had his scariest moment. It was his turn to put Maggie to bed, so after I kissed her goodnight the requisite 100 times, I went off for a run. I had a great run - I was all over the cool crisp fall air and the six (6!) deer I saw on my route. I got back in the house and my runner's high was about to get squashed. I saw Nate and Maggie, cuddled under a quilt, watching Mickey Mouse Club. Nate saw me and said, "Um, we just had a bit of a scary moment." Apparently shortly after Nate put Maggie in her crib, he heard a weird noise. He went upstairs to check on her and she was sitting in a bunch of vomit and crying so hard she wasn't even making noise - looking like she was choking. It took a LONG time to get her calmed down after that, but we changed all of the linens, put her in clean pajamas and rocked her until she fell back asleep. Nate was so scared that she could have been choking on vomit that he googled it. Apparently it is very unlikely that babies can choke to death on their vomit. (If this is untrue, please keep it to yourself. He does not need to know otherwise right now!) This morning she was bouncing all around so what happened? We have no idea. We do know that she will need another bath tonight!

So I guess we are "real" parents now that we both have had the sh** scared out of us!

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Emily said...

Those scary moments are so terrible, and make you feel like a terrible parent. They're awful. One morning I went into get Madeleine and found her covered in vomit. Her face had a terrible rash because she had slept in it all night. She, of course, like every morning was just happy as a clam. I felt so bad for her though, and could not stop thinking "what if". I felt like a terrible parent, but I heard nothing from her on the monitor. I know there was nothing I could have done, but I hated thinking she went through that all alone. It's hard emotional stuff, this parent thing.