Friday, September 16, 2011


Whenever I get a little sad about moving out of our current house, Nate reminds me of things that I will be able to do in our new house that we can't in our current house. Last night, he said, "Oh it's too bad we aren't in our new house yet - it's a perfect night to build a fire." This made me very happy that we are moving into a fireplace house in fall - we can use it right away!

One of the other things that I am excited about is furniture. I would love to get more into re-upholstering cool old furniture that I find at Goodwill, rummage sales, my in-laws basement (!), etc but we do not currently have any space for these types of things. My exclamations of "Isn't that a cool chair?!" used to be met with, "Yes, but where are we going to put it?" Now, I will have a space to name!

By far my #1 furniture item on the dream list is a fainting couch/chaise lounge.
SWOON! Always ALWAYS wanted one of these. Remember when Betty Draper impulsively bought one for her living room so she could think naughty thoughts of Henry?
Here is an apartment therapy round up of chaise lounges and here is a design sponge roundup.

Here are some pics I pulled from Pinterest:

Personally, I would love a tufted one. I love the look of them! I can't decide if I would want the fainting couch variety (with the asymmtrical look) or the type that is more of a backless bench. I will be on the hunt soon!

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Amy Badler said...

:). I just started watching madmen on Netflix. I'm only on the second season and I'm dying to know what your reference is about! Planning for new houses is fun, packing to get there not so much. Good luck and congrats!