Monday, September 26, 2011


Yesterday, Maggie was ALL about walking...with assistance. Where previously she would just turn into a jellyfish if you tried to walk with her hands in your hands, she loved it yesterday. A few giggles even escaped while she was walking with either one of us. So I brought out the Radio Flyer push wagon and we spent all afternoon redirecting the wagon and she ran into boxes. We both predicted she would be walking in the new house.

Then, today I came home from work and she walked about 6 steps, unassisted, from my sister to me!!! She was giggling the whole time. She did it a few more times and then we waited for Nate to come home. Unfortunately, she was crabby and hungry by the time he got home so she turned into a jellyfish again. He has yet to see the unassisted steps.

Now the fun REALLY I'm told.

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