Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Packing & Purging

I broke down and started packing last night. Our (98% mine) books are packed and the DVD and Wii games are packed. I was not anxious about packing until I started doing it and realized how long it really is going to take! I am excited to do some purging with packing. (Is that an eating disorder?) I have two big bags of books to donate to the library already and have some DVDs as well.

Another aspect of purging that DOES have to do with eating is with our food. We are trying NOT to buy groceries (except for the basics) and concentrate on eating up as much food in our pantry/freezer that we can. I am excited about this mainly because I feel like we easily let our freezer and pantry get out of control. (e.g. Yesterday I found butterscotch chips in there where the use by date was in 2009!) Last night we ate the last bag of Jamie Oliver's Spaghetti Sauce from the freezer, along with some toddler meatballs and two differenct kinds of pasta (penne & rotini) from half-full boxes and some frozen rolls from trader joes. What are toddler meatballs you ask? Some recipe I ripped out of a parents magazine. They were not that great (our almost-toddler didn't like them, and her parents ate them solely to not waste food) and did not hold their "ball" shape. I think I'll stick to my aunt's meatball recipe in the future.

I think I am going to use the App on my Ipad to figure out what to do with the remaining random ingredients. You can type in whatever ingredients you have and the search results will give you recipes to try. Otherwise, it looks like we mainly will be eating artichokes, chicken breasts and sweet potato fries for the next month!

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Emily said...

Congratulations on the new house!! Purge as much as you can. We just held a yard sale. I could not believe how much junk we have accumulated in the two years we've been in our house. More square footage means more junk. Plus, the more you purge, the more room you'll have for shiny new junk!!!