Wednesday, September 21, 2011

One week to go!

This week has been such a whirlwind. But we keep checking things off the list!

1) Basement: Packed! This was by far the biggest pit of the house. It is now cleaned out and packed up! The last Craigslist pick up was earlier this week.

2) Closings: Scheduled! We close on our current house at 9 AM one week from tomorrow and close on the new house at 11 AM the same day. The movers come one week from today and are scheduled to deliver the goods at 1 PM one week from tomorrow!

3) Refrigerator: Purchased! Our new kitchen has a custom cabinet for the refrigerator, but no refrigerator! the larger refrigerator. We bought a Maytag Monochromatic Stainless Steel:

It is getting delivered one week from tomorrow! We are gaining five cubic feet of refrigerator space!

4) One year photos: Taken! Originally these were scheduled for two weeks ago, but our photographer was ill. We wanted to get this taken care of before the move so we did it this evening. I am SO EXCITED to get the photos back - there were some great shots and Mags was much more cooperative than she was during her newborn photos with the same photographer.

5) Bills and Mail: FORWARDED! The cable and internet guy is scheduled to come next week to transfer service, the mail is forwarded, and gas/electric transferred!

6) Radon: Mitigated! They came today to install the system. We now are beginning another testing period. If we pass this test (aka our radon is below 4), we are good to go!

7) Carbon Monoxide Detectors: Purchased! Besides the radon, we were asked to install CO monitors on every floor of our house. Check!

8) # of Goodwill Drop Offs so far: 2. (We also had 2 Craigslist pickups).

One Week left!

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