Saturday, September 24, 2011

Official 4th Anniversary Celebration

Last night we celebrated our anniversary with a night out on the town. Maggie was on an overnight trip with Grandma & Grandpa (Nate's parents) and we had a hotel downtown Milwaukee for the night. Last May, we bought the Groupon for Aloft, which is basically a junior varsity W hotel. It was a great location - walking distance to lots of places and the room was very modern. Like the W, you get Bliss products. However, because the hotel is in an area with a lot of ongoing construction, it was pretty loud. Nate and I gave it 3-3.5 stars (out of 5).

After checking into the hotel, we headed to get a snack at AJ Bombers. AJ Bombers' Milwaukee Burger supposedly beat Sobelman's on Food Network's Food Wars. We split the burger and enjoyed some of Milwaukee's finest: I had a Schlitz tall boy and Nate had a PBR. The burger was good. We both thought Sobelman's was still better.

We got all gussied up (or at least I did) and made our way to Sanford. It was a nice night so we walked to the restaurant and on the way saw a fox! Crazy. We also discovered that we are a bit on trend with our anniversary celebrations - We celebrated our 1st and 3rd anniversary at Delafield Hotel (where our reception was) and our 2nd and 4th at Sanford. My recap of our first trip to Sanford is here if you want to read it. Our second trip was a bit more disappointing. The food was outsanding and kicked off with the amuse bouche- kolarabi puree with sliced grapes. Then, we ordered the cheese plate (of course). The cheese plate had some almond crisps on it and Nate mentioned to the waitress that I was allergic to almonds. We did not think this was a big deal, but she sort of flipped out and seemed irritated that we did not tell her this right away. I had the elk and Nate had the tenderloin. Last time, both of us were too chicken to get the elk, and I sort of regretted it so I went with it this time. It was amazing. We were VERY excited for the end of the meal because we remembered the yummy plate of cookies that we got last time. WELL, Nate got the cookies but I did not - the waitress said she was not allowed to serve me the cookies because of nut cross-contamination. I said I had no problem with that and that I was fine getting the cookies and she would not give me the cookies. Instead, I had two raspberries with brandy sauce. They were fine but they were not the cookies. Overall (excluding the cookie incident) we were not happy with our service this time. It sort of killed the meal for us.

After Sanford, we went to Blu, where my sister is a cocktail waitress and reserved us a corner table with a view. She was cute - she even brought us chocolate covered strawberries, which Nate enjoyed because I am allergic. After enjoying a cocktail, and watching the Brewers win the pennant on TV, we realized we were exhausted. It was 10:15! Mom & Dad gone wild! ha ha ha

We walked around the corner to get a cab back to the hotel when the Hotel Metro valet said he would take us in the cool old-school Hotel Metro car! We were so excited!

It was nice to sleep in this morning and lay around watching TV for a few hours. We checked out and headed to Sil's for the hot donuts. Why we have never been to Sil's before is beyond me. AMAZING donuts. AMAZING. We actually ordered a second bag because our first bag was inhaled so fast.

Overall, a great getaway, especially nice to have a break from packing. We both were really excited to pick up Mags too :) We thought it was also fun to have a Milwaukee staycation right before we head to the 'burbs.

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