Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Moving On

We have gotten to the point in the move where we are eating off of paper plates and drinking out of red solo cups. We have started getting silly (er...continued being silly?!).

Amy: "UGH. Packing up kitchens is neverending. You think you are almost done and the bam. You discover a whole drawer of knives."

Nate: "Kitchens are like lentil soup in that way."

It was a much needed laugh. Backstory: When we were living in Atlanta, I made a whole pot of lentil soup. And every day, we swore it just kept multiplying. We were eating lentil soup FOREVER. To this day, when I say "lentil", Nate gives me a scared look.

So the end is upon us. Tonight is our last night sleeping in our house. The movers arrive tomorrow.

I was just paging through the 2007 posts. Hilarious. I can't even remember our house looking like that.

I am not going to lie - I have already shed a few tears over leaving this house. It is SUCH a great house and I loved every minute of living here. Onto the next chapter!

Speaking of the next chapter....

I have decided to continue blogging BUT I have started a new blog. I felt that since this blog was named (and started) to chronicle the adventures of fixing up our cape cod, that the blog should end with the move. I also wanted a fresh start since this blog sort of morphed into a chronicle of randomness that is not accurately reflected by the title. Also, our new house is a colonial so the name of this blog REALLY doesn't apply :)

Please MOVE with me to my new blog, Anthologie. The content that you are used to here on Cape Cod Makeover will be very much the same, but presented in a more organized fashion. It will also help (I think) strike a balances of posts about the personal side of my life (family updates, etc) as well as other things that I enjoy blogging about/am interested in.

Thanks for tuning in to Cape Cod Makeover for the past 4 years, 2 months and 3 weeks. See you over at Anthologie!


BCK said...

awww, I can't believe tonight is your last night there! it is hard to believe. it is funny to think that I have been following this blog as I have gotten to know you--so I guess I am feeling a little nostalgic. :)

kitchen packing is so frustrating--and that last bit of packing in general. all that random stuff that doesn't fit neatly in a box, or that you swear you are going to use in the last week. then the movers are there and you find yourself throwing everything into garbage bags for transport. sigh.

BrookeK said...

yeah for the new house! so happy for you! I will miss the CCM, but glad to have the new anthologie!

IT Support said...

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