Monday, September 19, 2011

The movers are coming, The movers are coming!

The movers are coming in 10 days.

Our house FINALLY looks like we are moving. Meaning, it is a huge mess.

Over the weekend, we took care of business. When we moved in, the previous owners had left us a lot of old furniture. Four and 1/4 years later, we finally did something about it. Some of it went on the "free" section of Craigslist and whatever didn't go for free on Craiglist was taken to Goodwill. Three-quarters of our basement (i.e. our storage facility) is now weeded through and packed up. I went through 10 shoe boxes of stuff that I had saved from high school. WOW was that hilarious. Most of it did not make the cut - I whittled it down to one box of stuff. Nate finally let me get rid of my grade school cheerleading plaque with the full-busted cheerleader on it. (Last week, he convinced me to keep it.) And all those Long Lake Midget Girls softball trophies are in the Goodwill box too.

I think we are on the downhill slope with packing. I still have my clothes and shoes to edit (of course I am saving that until ABSOLUTELY necessary) and we have our 'heavy-use' kitchen items to pack yet. In a state of delirium, I asked Nate if we should even hire movers. Literally five seconds later, I stubbed my toe trying to move a dresser. "THIS is why we are hiring movers honey", was his response to that.

And then there is the food...
Last weekend, to avoid packing (I could give you a whole LIST of avoidant behaviors I have been participating in the last weeks), I put a lot of energy into going through what food we had left in our pantry and freezer and then finding recipes to use it all up. The master list is posted on the fridge and we cross things off as we make them. I was amazed at how many recipes we could make with having "no food" in the house. I am excited to whittle this down and start fresh in the new house. Although, I am sure it won't be long until we are in the same mode we were in, having a freezer and pantry stash of random bits.

We were not cooped up the whole weekend - we made it out Saturday night to join my in-laws in watching my BIL perform in "Bits of Broadway" musical dinner theater (an annual tradition) and yesterday afternoon to see our friends who currently temporarily live in Singapore and were back for a visit.

And then...The EMMYS! I don't care how much I have to do, I never miss a good red carpet. This week, I will be guest blogging on my friend's blog, Owlet, recapping Emmy fashion. We always do this via email after a red carpet event and now we are taking it to the world wide web. Fun!

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