Thursday, September 1, 2011

Home Inspection

The offer on our current house and the offer on our future house both contained crazy amounts of contingencies. I'm not sure I fully even understand all of the contingencies, or days we have to fulfill the contingencies, but that is why we have a realtor - to keep track of all of this.

The buyer of our current home gave us 10 days to figure out everything with our future home. Since the bank that currently owns our future home took their sweet time responding to our offers, that left us 3 days to get a home inspection done. Thankfully, we were able to schedule the home inspection for yesterday afternoon. We first had to contact the bank to get a plumber in the house since they had shut off all water in the foreclosure process.

Did I mention that we were buying a foreclosure? I can't remember. When we initially looked at the house, some people warned us that foreclosures are a pain. There were some slight headaches, but I have to say, I think our process went fairly smooth.

In response to some of the comments, yes, we are gaining space...a lot of it. It is sort of weird thinking about the future in purchasing a house. When we bought our current house, we thought of it as "our first house", and always knew we would be moving someday. Neither of us feel that way about this house (meaning we feel like we will die in this house), which is a little scary! I'm not sure we were really in the market for this house, but we seized an opportunity to get our "dream house" a little sooner than we expected. It's not often you find your dream house in your price range!

I'm not sure if this is normal (I like to think it probably is), but we always concocted these lists of "our next home has to have this" or "ok, we can't have it in this home, but put it on the list for house #2)". Here is some of our list:

1. Yard.
By far the biggest drawback of our current house. We have a front yard and a side yard but no back yard. Our back yard is our neighbor's driveway. There is really no place for kids to play. And since we went ahead and got ourselves one of those (, we decided that we probably will have more of them in the future. However, we do not want an enormous yard because then we (ok, who am I kidding - NATE) would have to spend more time mowing it. The next house does not have an enormous yard, but we do have a nice backyard with a deck:

2. Attached garage.
This is something from Nate's wishlist. I really didn't care - I moved to our house from Chicago where I parked my car on the street. ANY garage was an upgrade. However, when we had Maggie, I began to see what he was talking about. It would be nice to have the garage attached to the house so I'm not carrying bags of groceries, Maggie and an umbrella. And when it snows?! It would be nice not to have to trudge through all the snow to get to my car. Next house has an attached garage, with room for the grill, bikes, lawn mower, shovels, etc so that we don't have to take the cars out of the garage to get all of that stuff out.

3. More living space.
Currently we spend 95% of our awake time in the living room/kitchen/dining room part of our house. This is maybe 1/3 of our current house and not very large or open. Throw an almost-toddler in there with all of her toys, and it REALLY gets a little tight. We have enormous bedrooms though! We have figured out that we would take smaller bedrooms for more family space. Also, our current house has 2 BR upstairs and 2 BR downstairs. We RARELY use the 2 BR downstairs and when we eventually have another baby, I would rather have everyone upstairs on the same level. The next house has 4 BR but they are all upstairs. We also gain a few rooms of living space - the main level of the house has a large open kitchen, with an island and space for a small dining table that opens into a nice-sized living room and a sunroom.

5. Fireplace!
This is so silly but we both really wanted a fireplace. Score x 2. We have a brick fireplace in our living room in the next house AND a fireplace in our bedroom. WHAT?! I know. It seems ridiculous to me too....and fun. Here is the living room shot (taken from standing in the kitchen):

6. Reduced commute for Nate.
Currently, I have a 7-10 minute commute (2.5 miles) depending on traffic and stoplights. Nate's commute out of the city is 30 minutes in the morning but at least 45 minutes coming home due to traffic. One of our goals for moving was to cut down on his commute but still live close to the city. The house is a great location - easy freeway access - but will make his commute a predictable 20 minutes each way and he will never run into traffic. This means that during the hardest hour of my day 5-6PM, he will be home closer to the 5 side of that rather than the 6 side of that. WOO-HOO. My commute, as I timed yesterday, will be 15 minutes.

7. Laundry on main floor:
This was never on my wish list but I am looking forward to having the laundry on the main floor (off the kitchen in the mudroom area that connects to the garage). Currently our laundry is in the basement. Not a huge deal - Maggie gets lots of "rides" in laundry baskets as we move from level to level.

These are things that I filed under my never in a million years wishful thinking category but amazingly the house has!
1) Butler pantry. The next house has one en route from the kitchen to the formal dining room. Now I have a place for all of the dishes I have collected over the years!

2) Powder room. We gain a half-bathroom on the main level in the next house. My mom took my sister and I to California in 2005 and one of her friends had this amazing crazy powder room. I thought, "I have to have one of these someday." Someday has arrived!

3)Wood shank roof. I was proud of my BIL for noticing one of my favorite features of the next house - the roof. I have long wanted a house with a roof like this so that I am one step closer to becoming Barefoot Contessa. ha ha ha

4)Twin Beds One Room. Now here comes the silly part. In home decor magazines/blogs, I always love when they put two (or more) twin beds in a room. This led to the creation of one of my more popular Pinterest boards "Twin Beds. One Room." My friend MS actually asked me when she found out we were potentially buying a new house, "Does it have a twin beds one room?" YESSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One of the bedrooms is rather large with two dormers. The minute I walked in it the first time, I thought "twin beds one room"! For now it will likely be a toy/craft room.
Here is an example of twin beds one room:

Several people also have asked us if there are projects like our first house. The answer is YES although definitely not as many. We likely will not tackle any of the projects right away, with the exception of purchasing a refrigerator, the only appliance we do not have. The first priority in terms of redecorating is paint. We only like about 10% of the current paint job.

Other people have asked about the blog. This made me laugh. I am not sure what to do about the blog as the name "Cape Cod Makeover" will no longer apply. Also, this blog did start as a chronicle of taking our home from 1964 to present but once that was done, sort of morphed into a chronicle of...what, i'm not exactly sure. I will likely still have a blog but not sure if I will start a new one or just rename this one.

Oh! I don't think I said - our home inspection on the new house PASSED! Of course they don't really "pass" or "fail" you but there were no huge concerns found. Phew! Now our current house just has to pass inspection for the new buyer and we are ready to pack our bags...quickly!


Silky Jess said...

This house looks awesome! I'm so glad you guys were able to jump on it.

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