Thursday, September 8, 2011

Fantastic 4

Today was also our anniversary. We decided that our gift this year was going to be new appliances for the house (a refrigerator at least). Normally I would be very anti-this idea, but the modern gift for #4 is appliances so that is ok. We gave each other cards. Later this month, my in-laws are taking Mags and we are staying at the new hotel downtown, Aloft, (thank you Groupon) and going to Sanford (unfortunately I do not think Sanford participates in Groupon) for dinner.

I could not resist playing a little joke on Nate, with the assistance of my Father-in-law. My FIL's jewelry store regularly collects "old gold" from people. Going through the old gold is very fun - you never know what you will come across and when it will come in handy.

Like this Gold "#1 HUSBAND" charm.

HA HA HA HA. My FIL even polished it all up for me. I gave nate the small wrapped box - the box that my wedding necklace came in so it looked legit - and he was feeling SO BAD. "I thought we weren't getting each other gifts".

BOOYAH!! Number 1 Husband:

BAHH HA HA HA HA. He says he is going to wear it at least once. I CANNOT WAIT.

And that folks, is how you keep the romance alive at Year 4. HA HA HA


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oh god. Please tell me he will slick his hair back and let the chain dangle in his chest hair when he wears it! haha.