Friday, September 9, 2011

12 Months: Looks Like We Made IT!

Maggie is now a year old!

Anyone who works with mortality data can tell you that the mortality curve for kids goes way down after one year. SUCCESS!

Since Maggie has been eating table food for a while now, there is nothing too new to report here. She is a very good eater, which I am thankful for. We have given her peanut butter a couple times, although we are being cautious with that since we have noticed a minor rash develop twice. It's a good thing she likes Sunflower Butter so much!

We have hit the one year mark, which is the recommended guideline for kids receiving breastmilk by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Most of Maggie's breastmilk is consumed via sippy cup from my frozen freezer stash, which we have been relying on solely since mid-July. We still have A LOT left so we will continue to give her this until it is out and then make the switch to whole milk.

Maggie still nurses right before bed and right away in the morning, although we have been working on weaning, starting with the right before bed. I would estimate that 50-75% of the time, she is fine getting some milk in a sippy cup right before bed. Since she has been off bottles for several months now, we didn't really want to reintroduce bottles so we are trying the sippy cup. We saved the morning weaning for the last since that is the one we feel she is most tied to. She did do well when I was away for two nights on a work trip - though she seems to do better if she knows that I am not in the house. My friend BLK and I were joking that babies have a homing device for boobs. ha ha ha

Although our breastfeeding experience had a rough start, after those first four days it was smooth sailing. I am very grateful that it worked out so well for us!

Mags goes to the doctor for her one year well child visit next week. We weighed her on the Wii last week and she was 22.5 lbs. I just found this picture of one of our first Wii Weigh-ins:

She is almost completely in 18 month sized clothes - definitely in pants which we need all the length we can get! We still have a few size 3 disposable diapers left and then it is on to size 4s. In her Bum Genius cloth diapers, she is still in the mid-size range. We have tried unsnapping them to the biggest size but we had a few leaks so still staying in the medium size (middle-snap).

We took her shoe shopping to the Stride Rite outlet - she is currently a 4 1/2 W. Girl needs that wide width! Now that the weather is getting a bit cooler (and we are close to walking!), she probably will be wearing shoes more often.

She talks in her own language still, although she can understand a lot. We think she
tries to say "duck" when picking up one of her various duck toys. It really is amazing to watch this develop because it seems she understands new words each day. We routinely ask her where certain toys are and she will go get them! She will always say "da" when you ask "who is that" and point to Nate. But she will also day "da" when you ask "who is that" and point to me. "Mama" only seems to come in times of high stress!

She gets more and more brave with unassisted standing but still uses furniture to pull up and walk around rooms. She will also not go up stairs anymore. It is almost like she forgot how. Crawling has moved to turbo boost speed.

Maggie looks like she is well on her way to becoming a book nerd like her mom (aka my evil plan is working!). She knows which direction to turn pages in books and recently she is more interested in turning the pages herself than listening to stories. She really likes this Soft Shape book. I was excited to see that there are many different books in the "soft shape" series so we bought her an animal one for her birthday. The shapes come out of the book like puzzle pieces.

Speaking of puzzles, we recently gave her a few puzzles and she really likes them. More for carrying the pieces around than for putting them together, ha ha ha.

She is really attached to her two lovies - duck and owl. (They are the angel dear ones). And her blanket. It is not a specific blanket - just any blanket that she sleeps with. In the morning, we lift her out of the crib and she will try to dive from our arms to pick up duck (or owl) and the blanket.

Although we try not to expose her to too much TV, we have let her watch the hot dog song from Mickey Mouse Club while we trim her nails because it will put her in a trance so she does not pay attention to the nail trimming. We will also You Tube the video so she can listen to the song. She really loves anything to do with music, which has always been the case, but has been very noticeable in the past month.

Over the holiday weekend, we went to a cookout at a friend's house. Their baby had a pacifier and Maggie would crawl up to him and yank out the pacifier every single time. She did not try to eat it, but just did not want the baby to have it. Nate said that another baby at her daycare also has a pacifier and she does the same thing. I find this funny since she never was really too into pacifiers when she was younger.

We had some teething action in the past month. She has her middle two bottom teeth, the middle two top teeth and the i-teeth seem to be showing just a bit. It is hard to monitor the teeth situation since she is not a fan of anyone looking in her mouth.
She does like brushing her teeth. We still do not use toothpaste - just give her a wet toothbrush.

She goes to bed around 7 PM and is up anywhere between 6 and 7 in the morning, which is now tending towards the 7 AM end of that time range! YAHOO! (Last month it was closer to the 6 side of that range). We have been experimenting with the nap situation lately and it seems that a short (20-30 minute) nap in the morning and a longer nap (1-2 hours) right after lunch produce the happiest baby. For a while we were just trying to hold out on no morning nap, but it was not working too well.

Her love affair with animals continues. I have taken her to Pet Smart on more than one occasion to look at animals. I am sure they have caught on to the fact that I am using their store for a free zoo for my child.

And that about sums up the last month!

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Silky Jess said...

Just read a bunch of your recent posts. First, I LOVE the #1 husband necklace. Almost too awesome for words. Second, Maggie is, of course, super cute. Happy Birthday to her! Third, I am impressed you're still nursing even a little. That is really awesome. Fourth, I think Maggie is officially bigger than Zoe, who at almost 16 months, needs 18-month pants rolled up and still wears mostly 12 month pants. Maggie got a little luckier with the gene pool. Finally, I'm psyched for your new house. It looks great.