Tuesday, September 13, 2011

12 Month Checkup and Weaning

Maggie had her 12 month well child visit this morning. Everything looks great.

Weight: 23.5 lbs - 87th percentile (This is a jump - she used to be around 75th)
Height: 31.25" - 97th percentile

She had to get 3 shots - they moved to her arm this time. She was NOT happy. Then, after the shots, we got to visit the lab where they did a blood draw for lead testing. DOUBLE FUN!

I was a little sad because we are going to switch clinics when we move, which means a new doctor. Thankfully, Maggie's current doctor had a recommendation in our new clinic.

In other news, we are well on our way to weaning. The last seven nights involved no nursing and two of those nights I gave the sippy cup. (Previously, if I was even in the room, there would be none of the sippy cup!). So now, Nate and I are alternating who does the bed time routine each night.

AND, the past two mornings involved no nursing!

Weaning has not been too difficult. We have employed several techniques. First, we gradually cut out nursings to get to where we were - nursing at night and at morning only. When I went to Atlanta, it became apparent that these remaining sessions were not really being used as a food source, but more for comfort. At night, I did not go in her room at all for about 4 nights when Nate put her down. I would kiss her good night downstairs and he would take her upstairs, change her into pajamas, read to her and offer the sippy cup. She doesn't really drink much of the sippy cup. Then he put her in bed. Over the weekend, he went to a Brewers game and I was going to do the first night routine and try the sippy. It was a smooth transition - she did not even bat an eye or tug at my shirt.

For the morning, we have done a couple things. Usually, we bring her into bed with us. I started using the "don't offer, don't refuse" approach (not to be confused with don't ask, don't tell). Basically, you do not outright offer the goods to the baby but if it is obvious that they want to nurse, you do not refuse either. However, I was getting to work about 45 minutes late every morning because Maggie started waking up closer to 7 AM (when I was supposed to be at the office). So, I was not about to wake her up earlier to nurse so this week I started getting up early, showering and getting ready and then when she naturally would wake up, I would change her right away and play a bit. We also started feeding her breakfast right away. This transition has been seamless so far.

I think a big part of this seamless transition has been the fact that Maggie eats a lot of food - she hasn't really relied on nursing as a food source for a long time. This also has made weaning a piece of cake for me - no engorgement, soreness, etc. Weaning can be emotional - but I feel at this point I am ready for it. When I first read about weaning a few months ago, I burst into tears. Obviously, not ready at that point! But I am looking forward to having Nate share responsibility in the morning and evening routines. He obviously was very helpful with everything else besides the nursing aspect.

I realize every child is different, but I really liked the process we used for nursing with Maggie. I never really felt bothered by the nursing and really enjoyed the experience with the exception of pumping - I hated pumping with a passion.

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