Thursday, September 8, 2011

A 1-derful Birthday

Maggie woke up on the early side today and we brought her into our bed to snuggle. We exclaimed "Happy Birthday" and then realized that she technically had not been born yet. Nate asked, "I wonder if Saved By the Bell is On?" which made me laugh because I watched about four episodes of Saved By The Bell in a row while under the magical powers of my epidural and then had a full-on 90s fashion discussion with my L&D nurse afterwards. But I digress....

I made Maggie blueberry pancakes so that she could start the day with cake. :) She was very excited:

(I noticed today that she has started smiling for the camera! I guess the thousands of pictures that we have taken of her taught her something!)

We then took the Mickey picture. This is Maggie's new thing when you ask her where something is - she holds out her hands like "Where is it?" It is pretty cute.

We then put the birthday girl shirt on. I got this shirt on a clearance rack at Target. Of course the 1 year old birthday shirts only come in a 12 month size. So it was a little small. It says "I'm the Birthday Girl".

It was then ball popper and boombox time. I think I have mentioned how obsessed Maggie is with the ball popper before. Recently, she is also obsessed with this Munchkin Music Cube that my in-laws got her for Christmas. I am not sure what made her discover it but we call it her boombox because it always has to be going. I even make up Irish dances to go with the song. I think they are pretty fun, but she is not amused.

It was a beautiful day so I loaded her up in the Baby Jogger and went for a run. She fell asleep and woke up just as I was pushing her up the driveway.

The next hours were spent with me holding her because if I got more than two feet away from her, she wailed. Our in-home childcare person said she was pretty clingy yesterday too. It seems Mags is not immune to separation anxiety - a common trait of this age group (according to Baby Center, anyways). I took her to Barnes and Noble to get her free Kids Club cupcake and to buy her birthday presents. (How many more birthdays can I get away with buying the present right in front of the child?! ha ha) She took terrible naps but did get a good lunch in. I made her favorite butternut squash raviolis.

The afternoon was spent reading a lot of books and watching some music videos on You Tube. Her favorite song is this Hot Dog song from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. She also is a fan of some of these vintage Sesame Street songs from a CD AH made for her.

When Nate got home, we opened the presents that people sent in the mail. She needed a lot of help and was pretty disinterested except for when we actually revelaed the presents. We bought her two books, The H crew sent a pink car, some books, and a children's CD, the D clan sent a cool puzzle and some crayons and my nana sent her shoes. We also received lots of emails, Facebook messages, text messages, phone calls and a Skype call throughout the day.

Then it was time for dinner. We took her to Il Mito in Wauwatosa for some yummy Italian. Il Mito is very kid friendly, but still nice. It also helps that we were there before 6 PM. She LOVED IT. We could not believe how much food she ate. We started with rosemary foccacia dipped in garlic olive oil (yes, she gobbled this up) and rissotto cakes. I had pumpkin ravioli in a creamy sage sauce - most of it ended up in Maggie's tummy. Nate had a fire roasted tomato and chicken rissotto. Everything was delish!

We came home for the piece de resistance - the cupcake! She ate quite a bit of it - shoving huge chunks in her mouth. We were surprised at how cleanly she ate it! After the cupcake it was time for bed. Nate included "On the Day You Were Born" in the book repertoire tonight.

My Baby is 1!


Emily said...

Hot dog, Hot dog, Hot diggity-dog!!! I can't believe Maggie is one already. This year went by so fast. That's nice you got to spend the whole day with her on her birthday.

BCK said...

sounds like a great day!!!

Tara said...

Happy birthday Maggie!!!

And lots of cuteness in this birthday!