Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Yes. This is another house update.

Well, things are moving quite quickly. And to think this whole thing started as a "Well, we might as well try it". I never in a million years thought things would snowball like this!

The woman who made an offer on our house last night accepted our counteroffer that we submitted this morning. Basically, we got our listing price. I still don't know if the showing scheduled for tonight is still happening.

Step 1 in this crazy process is done.

We now are waiting to hear back on our initial offer for our "family stone" house. We originally gave them until Friday - our realtor is calling them (did call them?) this afternoon to notify them of our accepted offer and that we would also want to move our closing date from end of October to end of September. Two very nice enticing things that beef up our offer.

So we are back to waiting.



Missy said...

That is AWESOME. Your asking price in this market? That's GREAT! Can't wait to hear how things turn out (and I'm super curious what the 'Family Stone' house looks like).

Silky Jess said...

Haha. This all sounds far too familiar to me. I am keeping my fingers crossed that the dream house comes through for you!