Monday, August 15, 2011

Yays and Nays from the Weekend

First, the Longer YAY list (in no particular order)...

1. Riding Time Warp with my brother, sister and niece having to look for the dinosaur that scared my niece last year at Noah's Ark.

2a. Nate's homemade pancakes with real buttermilk. (9 times out of 10 when we decide to make pancakes, we have to use the replacement buttermilk - add lemon juice to regular milk. Having real buttermilk makes a HUGE fluffy difference!) Maggie LOVED the special banana pancakes made just for her.

2b. BLT sandwiches with fresh tomatoes from our garden (well, really is a big pot of tomatoe plants outside - not a garden).

3. Taking Maggie to PetSmart aka the cheap zoo. The girl's infatuation with dogs grows by the day. She was in heaven watching the grooming area at PetSmart.

4. Watching Hall Pass with Nate. We both did not expect much from this movie, but it was all that Redbox had left. We were pleasantly surprised at the laughs it procured.

5. Maggie's dance moves at YoMama, complete with booty shaking and Stevie Wonder.

6. Belly laughs while swinging

7. Books from the Friends of the Brookfield Library book sale. I found a vintage (1968) McCalls Sewing book and the Julia Child & Company cookbook for $2 each and I found the PERFECT book for Maggie - it has animals, playing peek-a-boo and it is a lift-the-flap book. She cuddled up and had me read it no less than 10 times in a row. I don't think you could spend fifty cents any better!

8. Running two of the three days this weekend!

9. Watching Maggie stand unassisted for 2 seconds before she fell onto her bottom.

10. Leaving the windows open all weekend - our house smells great!

11. CAP & SG are {finally} engaged!!! WOOHOO!

12. Tooth #3 is in sight!

...and the NAY list

1. Having a $10 giftcard to spend (last week only) at Jo-Ann fabrics - finding some great fabric in the remnant bin, standing in line with a hungry baby, getting to the register only to find out I cannot use the $10 on the remnant bin. Get a pack of replacement machine needles instead and get back in the long line...FRUSTRATING!

2. Rain at Noah's Ark. We had almost an entire month of 90+ degree temps and the one day we plan to go to the waterpark it is 70 degrees and rainy. In the words of my niece, "We still had fun!".

3. Running out of Cheerios at the aforementioned library book sale BEFORE we got to the entire room of Fiction. Thank goodness the sale is still on next week!

4. No Law & Order episodes on last night? This is pretty much our standard Sunday night - folding laundry while watching L&O. What was up last night?!

5. No Athleta returns to Gap stores. UGH. Guess I have to pay the $6 to return all of the items I bought. This is why I hate online shopping.

6. Packing up burp rags and size 2 shoes from Mags and having to buy size 4 diapers. My baby is growing too fast!

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