Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Working on a Dream

Yesterday was one of those surreal days when I thought I should keep pinching myself to see if I wasn't living in a dream world.

We had two showings yesterday. My sister was at our house with Mags and one of the showings was going to be while she was there. We had asked her if she would be okay with vacating the premesis and she was fine with it. We left a list of things to make sure were done before she left for the hour.

ALL day yesterday I was thinking about the showings. I was trying very hard not to get my hopes up because I knew that it was unlikely we would get an offer and that we might be doing MANY more showings.

I had to rush home, grab some food for Maggie and head out right away as the second showing was early in the evening. I was praising God that the rain held off because we went to a nearby park, did some laps around the pond to watch dogs in action, did some swinging and then ate dinner outside. I came back to the house, which my sis had in FANTASTIC order, dumped Maggie in the tub and got her to bed.

PHEW. IT had been a long day.

I checked our realtor site to see if any of the showings had left any feedback. None.

So I settled in to read my book.

Nate walked in the door, on the phone. He hung up and said, "Honey, we got an offer!"


We called our realtor back and he said he was on his way over in a bit.

Meanwhile, Nate started telling me about his golf outing. I was only quasi paying attention to him, thinking that I really wanted to get back to my book. (Evil, I know....especially when you hear what happened next.)

After his LOOOOOONG story about the raffle, he announced that he was the grand prize winner. I was excited for him and wondered what he won. "...And the prize had your name on it!"

I suddenly became VERY interested in the rafffle.

He went out into the kitchen and brought in a gold bag, which I IMMEDIATELY recognized as one from my FIL's jewelry store.

I started squealing.

Then I opened the box:

Woohoo!! A diamond necklace.

Then our realtor came over with the offer. We counteroffered and it was submitted this morning. We have not heard anything about the offer on the house that WE made. So now we are just in the waiting game. I am not good at waiting.

I was so excited/overwhelmed that I could NOT sleep. So I read my book for awhile. Finished it. Updated Goodreads. Updated a few Words With Friends games. I think I probably went to bed at 3 AM. YIKES!

The title of this post comes from a, you guessed it, Bruce Springsteen song.

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Old MD Girl said...

Holy cow! That's awesome! I hope it works out.

Beautiful necklace, btw.