Monday, August 22, 2011

What a weekend!

This weekend was luxurious - we had absolutely nothing planned. Because this does not happen very often, I soaked it in.

We started watching the show Burn Notice upon the recommendation of a friend. I'm not that into it. I have nothing against formulaic shows (I do love Law & Order and The Closer after all) but this is just not grabbing me. I like it enough to watch it if I happened upon it on tv and nothing else was on, but not enough to dedicate time to watching all of Season 1 on DVD.

We also watched the movie Cedar Rapids. Because Redbox had nothing else. It procured a few laughs (mainly the jokes about The Wire, one of our faves) but (and I think you know this) I would not recommend it. I do not understand why movies set in Wisconsin always seem to make it like this hokiest place in America to live. It is not like that!

We had some great meals out of the house - we went to Le Reve for lunch on Saturday and Nate ordered the cheese tray!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love cheese trays - we rarely order them. So when he suggested it, I wanted to give him a huge kiss in the middle of the restaurant. Sunday we went deli style and hit up Ninos. Such.An.Amazing.Italian.Sub. Our meals this weekend in the house were only ok. I tried a bunch of new recipes - none were keepers.

Other than that, we spent a lot of time outside soaking up the beautiful weather. We went to an outdoor Art Fair, a park, neighborhood walks, and of course, the swing in our yard. Mags also accompanied me on a run. I had been running sans Mags for a few weeks now and I think she doubled in size in those few weeks. We still finished a four mile hilly course in 30 minutes. I think the running legs might be back!!! Or maybe it was just my amazing Lululemon sports bra from the outlet in Orlando.

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Tara said...

Pretty much any movie that makes fun of the midwest annoys me. I saw the title for this and then the image at Redbox and rolled my eyes.