Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Style for Style: Animal print ballet flats

I love lists of wardrobe classics. You know, "staples" that every one should have in their closet. (One of my favorites starts on page 38 of Issue 2 of Matchbook Magazine.) Although I like the idea of having items forever, I can't say I subscribe to this approach at all times. Particularly when faced with an 80% off clearance rack...ANYWAYS...

One of my wardrobe staples is leopard/cheetah print ballet flats. (Animal print is #2 of Nina Garcia's Top 100 list, BTW.) You might be amazed at how versatile this shoe is. I originally bought my first pair at Target (on clearance) thinking they would be a fun shoe. Little did I know how often I could wear them! I burned through that Target pair and am now on my second pair, from Old Navy.

I was wearing them at my work conference in Iowa a few months back when our center director asked where I got them because his wife would love them. I responded that they were from Old Navy. We moved on.

Then yesterday, I was wearing the shoes again, and he again asked me where I got them because he had forgotten and I responded, "Old Navy...but if you are going to get these for {wife's name}, you should get higher quality ones. Coach used to have a cute pair." He asked if I could send him a link to them.


I was then on the hunt for leopard/animal print ballet flats. I personally like the pony-hair (or faux pony-hair) types, rather than the shiny types. Here is what I came up with:

Stuart Weitzman $235

Elizabeth and James $147.50 (SALE)

Ivanka Trump $129.95

Halogen Ellis $99.95

Kelsi Dagger $71.20 (SALE)

Aldo $70

Anne Klein $59.01 (SALE)

Calvin Klein Jeans $59

BP $59

Unfortunately, I could not find a current pair (aka non-ebay) version from Target, Gap or Old Navy, although one of these three usually has an offering. After my Target pair bit the dust, I was on the hunt for months to find a replacement that actually fit (Does anyone else have a hard time with flats that fit? I often find that they are too wide for my foot), I found my current pair at Old Navy. You would think I would have bought two pairs, but I did not. Thankfully, I think I have a while before these go!

This was a fun post for me to put together so I might have more "Style for Style" posts in the future. Indulge me...


Maayan said...

good one. love the halogens.

Slunz said...

Just rocked my leopard print flats from Payless yesterday!

Emily said...

Of course I like the Stuart Weitzman ones best!! I have a cute patent leather pair from J. Crew on clearance. They are definitely very versatile. They look really good with jeans and a jewel tone tops.

Anonymous said...

jcrew has a super-cute pair as well.