Sunday, August 28, 2011

Live fom the ATL

We do not have any house updates, unfortunately.

Friday, the last day our offer was good for, came and went without so much as a word from the bank. Apparently the foreclosure department was relocating last week. Grrrr. We filed another offer to be submitted first thing tomorrow morning since our first offer technically expired. The waiting continues....We have until Saturday to figure something out as that is the end of the 10-day period that the offer on OUR house is good for. So many pieces to this puzzle. I could never be a realtor without being on anxiety medication!

Meanwhile, I am posting this from Atlanta, GA where I arrived a few hours ago for a reverse site visit at CDC for work. It is my first overnight trip away from Maggie. I am doing okay. During my run earlier today, I felt like it was a good time to go. While i certainly would miss her, I also was not riddled with anxiety about leaving her, or dreading the trip. I cried a little when They dropped me off at the airport and that was it. I read a chunk of my book, enjoyed an in-flight beer, ordered room service and will definitely enjoy having a king-sized bed all to myself for 2 nights! The morning will be the hardest as that is my favorite time of the day with her. Nate is under strict orders to give her a few extra mooches for me! I am looking forward to meeting up with my friends AH, CD, and MAM tomorrow night for dinner!

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