Wednesday, August 31, 2011

House Update

Quite the turn of events since my last blog post.

My work trip to Atlanta went well. I was hanging out at the airport last night waiting for boarding time on my flight home. My phone was about to die so I plugged it into a nearby wall. My flight was starting to board so I went to collect my phone and noticed that I had about five missed calls from Nate.

Now, every SINGLE time he has called me in the last week, I have immediately thought about the house. But after MANY false alarms, I did not think "house" when I saw him calling. Last night, I thought something had happened to Maggie.

I called him back as I was boarding the flight.


I was shocked.

Our gut instinct was to take it but we decided to talk about it when I got home.

We discussed, called our realtor and he came over late last night to do the paperwork.


We now are trying to schedule a home inspection. Basically we will have a home inspection on the home we purchased and then the buyer of our current home wants one as well. We have a SHORT time frame to get these done - by 9/6 - as stipulated on the offer on our current house.

Provided all goes well with the inspections, we close on the morning of 9/29 on our current house and then immediately close on our next house.


Here is a sneak peak of our almost-new home:

September promises to be a crazy month for us!


Maayan said...

I will reiterate my excitement and happiness for you here, and raise it by virtually high-fiving you on that awesome little balcon-ette above the door! This house is great! Congrats!

BCK said...

AHHHHHHH!!!!! I love it! for sure the family stone house for you guys!

Old MD Girl said...

Jesus God that thing is HUGE!!! You better start making more babies soon if you want to have any prayer of filling it. ;-)

Seriously though, that is so awesome. I am really excited for you. Now I know the answer on everyone's mind is are you going to make over this house as well? You do have a knack for these things.

Anonymous said...

Very nice- my second home purchase was a similar colonial that was a white/ hunter green shutters scheme. It was lovely but we moved to a home where i could have my stable/horses. I'm keeping my fingers crossed all your inspections go well !

maura said...

Holy Mackeral! Mags will have a field day in that house. Hoping it all goes well.

Tara said...

Woo hoo! Very exciting times for you and your little family!

The house looks beautiful.