Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Going Wack-a-doo at One Year

The face that lauched a 1000 tears:

Maggie's first birthday is quickly approaching and I have been a wreck! Nate might ban me from looking at all pictures of her from her newborn days.

Yesterday I almost had a panic attack. I had to go get a form from one of the Emergency Department doctors I work with for a grant application. The ED serves as the triage location for pregnant women - so I started thinking about the last time I went to the ED - shortly after my water broke. I did not burst into tears there, but I was about to.

This morning I was looking through her newborn photo shoot photos - we just booked our one-year session with the same photographer. Thank goodness I have an office door to close - I started balling.

I don't really feel like I was that emotional after she was born (although that could be selective memory!) - maybe I am experiencing a one-year delay?! Someone please tell me this is normal!


BrookeK said...

Hang in there Mama! One year of loving the most precious little girl and many more to go :)

Ali said...

Normal! And I would love to say that each year gets easier, but I find the tears flow more readily! It's just amazing when you look back at your baby during your first year.

Bawl away. (I still have her announcement on the fridge.)

Old MD Girl said...
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Carol said...

So normal. For me anyway. That first birthday was insanely emotional for me. It was a weird, sort of hormonal/visceral thing that happened during that month leading up!!!

Majid Ali said...

Please for Christ sake help this poor boy from Haiti.