Friday, August 5, 2011

Baby's First Wisconsin State Fair

Last night we decided last minute to go to opening night of State Fair. If we arrived there before 6:00 PM, we could get in for $2 a person with 2 canned goods. I had a bag of free formula canisters to donate to the food pantry so we took that and managed to get in at 5:59!

We toured the pig and goat barn as well as the "discovery barn" for little kids. Maggie LOVED all of the animals. Her head was spinning from left to right almost the entire night!

Of course we tried the "new" foods - the chocolate covered cranberries on a stick and the deep fried butter. The deep fried butter was basically small donuts with a pool of melted butter inside. I thought they were good, but after eating 4 of the 5 in the serving, I was sick of them for sure. I got my usual grilled cheese from the Wisconsin products pavilion and shared some with Maggie. "MMMMMMMMMMMMM" she said after every bite. We then went to the Herb Kohl Milk barn where you can get cups of flavored milk for 25 cents. Nate bought cherry vanilla and root beer. We let Maggie have a few sips of the cherry vanilla. She was a fan!

I also got a corn on the cob, which Maggie thoroghly enjoyed sharing, even if I think she was doing it just for the butter!

A gyro rounded out our food experience. We sampled some sausage, mello yello and sparkling cranberry juice as well.

I think the crowning moment was watching the Clydesdale horse judging. It was very interesting and Maggie was mesmerized by the horses. She even got into clapping when the audience clapped.

For the first time in my experience of State Fair, I rode on the Giant Slide. HOW FUN! Totally worth the $2.

We finished the evening with watching the pig races. As much as jumped and screamed with Maggie, we never were selected to be the "pig rooter'. However, the woman ahead of us was and gave Maggie her sticker (photo above). I was bummed because I didn't realize the camera battery was dead until we arrived so I wasn't able to take any pictures. (The photo above was taken this morning).

The State Fair is always a fun time and we were glad Maggie seemed to be as enthused about it as us!

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