Monday, August 8, 2011

11 Months!

Maggie is 11 months old today!

This month we used our last tub of baby food (I may have gone a little crazy with stockpiling!) and our last container of puffs! She has completely made the transition to table food (with the exception of the "baby" oatmeal, which she still has for breakfast for the iron) and eats dinner with us every night. This has been fantastic and way easier! It can be difficult to have her wait for dinner, so she sometimes will start her dinner a little earlier with cheerios and fruit/veggies to avoid a meltdown. We do not use her tray much anymore and pull the high chair right up to the table. She also eats from a plate or bowl. She has done very well with this - however, you know she is done when she starts to pick the plate/bowl up and dump the food. We have gotten good at anticipating this maneuver! I have been working with her to self-feed from a spoon. I either will say "Help mama" and she will put her hand on the spoon and we will both guide the spoon into her mouth or I will pre-load the spoon and put it in front of her for her to pick up and feed herself. While this is messy, she is getting pretty good!

She had her first food reaction last night. The doctor thinks that the cherries were to blame, even though yesterday was not the first day she has had cherries (that was earlier this week). After dinner, her trunk and chin were covered in hives. They didn't seem to bother her too much so we just plopped her in an oatmeal bath and that was it. I did call the doctor just to make sure we weren't suppossed to do anything else. She still had them, albeit very faintly, this morning. They didn't appear to bother her too much!

We have made the crossover and have given her scrambled eggs a couple of times. She seems to like them and hasn't had any reactions. Since eggs were in some of the food she eats (bread, pasta), we then just made her yolks to try and then worked our way up to the full egg. Nate always makes some form of eggs for breakfast on Saturday and this past Saturday, she joined in her first traditional breakfast with us.

Her food schedule has not changed at all in the last month. The bottles are all packed up. She no longer uses them, although I'm not sure what we will do when she weans from the night nursing. I think we will just give her milk in a sippy cup during books and try that rather than go to a bottle. She still nurses right when she gets up and right before bed. During the day she gets breastmilk from my frozen stash in a sippy cup.

I do not have any stats on Maggie because she does not go to the doctor until the one year mark. Regardless, she feels heavier. She basically is in 12 or 18 month clothes. We are huge fans of those rompers since it is really hard to crawl in a dress! Still doing cloth diapers except for days when Maggie is in Hartford. We will likely make the switch to size 4 disposable diapers when our remaining supply of size 3s run out. The size 3s are a little snug but fine.

Her hair continues to (slowly) come in!

She talks in her own language still, although she can understand a lot. For example, this morning she was playing in the living room and I was making my lunch in the kitchen and said, "Maggie come by mama in the kitchen please" and she crawled into the kitchen. She really understands the word "puppy"!!

She started crawling and pulling up last month! There was no real transition between these two things - she was pulling up before she actually crawled and now will use the furniture as a guide. She still will prefer to crawl though, most of the time. For example, our coffee table is right in front of one of our couches. She used to sit down to go between the two but in the last week has figured out how to go between the two and remain standing. She still has not figured out how to crawl stairs.

For awhile she would stay in the same room but she quickly figured out there is a whole house to explore and will go between rooms quite easily. Our house works well for crawlers because we can shut doors to our bathrooms and basement and any rooms that we don't want her in. We use a baby gate to keep her out of the entryway where all the plants are. Our house is pretty much completely baby proofed. We have a gate installed at the top of the stairs and got the magnet cabinet locks for cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom that we want to keep her out of. These things are amazing but I never remember that we have them and it takes me a few pulls on the cabinet doors before I remember to get the unlocking magnet on the fridge. We kept the tupperware cabinet open for her to play with.

All of this movement has led to some injuries. We always seem to find scrapes and bruises on her, the most recent one is on the middle of her forehead from the bathtub. She was standing outside the bathtub (as in she was not taking a bath) and I didn't catch her when she went down and she hit her head. She does always seem to want to stand while taking a bath too. There is a lot of "Maggie, No. We sit in the bathtub" during bathtime!

She has figured out how to turn her ball popper toy on by herself. She will sit and just hit the on button a hundred times in a row and then start shaking her head and body (dancing) when the music comes on. Each morning when we set her in the living room, she makes a beeline to that, turns it on and then plays. When the music stops, she goes over to it and turns it back on.

She really likes this toy truck that I got her from the Target clearance sand toy section. She might be getting a few more cars/trucks for her birthday. She just figured out how to push them and "drive" them around.

She does not like when toys are cleaned up. She has this turtle where you can put shapes through the shell and if the shapes are inside the turtle, she will make it a point to throw the turtle shell in one direction and dump the shapes out. I like cleaning it up right after she does it just to watch if she will empty it again. Every time! Another toy that she likes to have a certain way is the 5 pop up animal toy. If we open all the doors and have them in the popped up position, she will beeline over and close them all. This too, she will keep doing as long as you keep popping up the animals.

Now for the non-toys...As I am sure everyone knows, kids like "non-toys" more than toys. Maggie's most favorite thing is the remote control. We let her play with it but I wouldn't be surprised if she ordered a pay per view movie one of these days! She also likes the laptop computer cord - most likely because it has a little light on it. We do not let her play with that! She still loves oatmeal canisters and has amassed quite a collection to build towers with and roll back and forth with you. I don't know if I have mentioned this on one of these yet, but she also loves our Sonicare toothbrushes, and has for a LONG time. Every morning once she hears one of us turn our toothbrush on, she will want to hold the toothbrush and "help" you brush your teeth. She will laugh EVERY time. I am not sure what is so cool about those, but oh well! She does not have a sonicare - but does enjoy brushing her teeth.

In the last month she has become a book magnet. (Yes!!! My plan is working!!!) She has a few favorites that she "reads" like the Baby Book (it has pictures of real babies in it) and she will go over to her bookshelf and pull all of the books off it every morning. Because of this, I try to read to her whenever she has a book. Nate continues to do all of the before bed reading and rotates out books. We used to be able to read some more story type books but she really prefers books that have bright colors and pictures - those boring one word type books. One of her other favorite books is this Shutterfly photo book that I made her containing pictures of her family.

Maggie LOVES other little kids. She made a seamless transition to the in-home daycare place that she now goes to once a week. Nate does the drop-off and pick-up for this since it is near his work and always has funny stories. Last week, when he walked in the door, a 5 yo boy name Trevor screamed "MAAAAGGGGIE" when he saw her and let her wear his hat. Trevor's 2 yo brother asked to wear the hat and Trevor said "No". Her first boyfriend, ha ha ha. Every time she has just crawled from Nate over to the kids without even looking back!

She still loves outdoor swings. The swing works wonders if she is in a bad mood or you need to distract her! We (and Nate's parents and my mom) all have a version of the little tikes swing. It is a great swing and reasonably priced, if you buy a new one. We all got them from yard sales!

Maggie is also a shark. She LOVES swimming. I took her to Hoyt Park Pool last Friday for the first time during tot time. She kept wanting to crawl into water that would be over her head and would NOT be happy when I picked her up to take her back to the shallow part. Unfortunately tot time is right around the time she takes a morning nap. I tried to have her sleep a little earlier, which did not work. Thankfully I was able to get her to sleep in the stroller after a little swimming. Next summer, we will take Hoyt Park Pool by storm!

My in-laws replaced their pool liner this summer so she has gotten some swim time in there as well. My MIL also bought one of those kiddie pools for her to splash in. I think we will probably resume the swimming "lessons" in late fall at the Y.

She still only has the 2 middle bottom teeth. None appear to be making their way in anytime soon.

She goes to bed around 7 PM and is up anywhere between 6 and 7 in the morning, USUALLY closer to the 6:00 end of that time frame. (God bless the rare instances where she gets up at 7:00 AND it's a Saturday!) She takes a morning nap and an afternoon nap, which are usually an hour each.

She LOVES animals, especially dogs. Every morning we look out the window to see if there are any puppies walking by. Nate's aunt sometimes babysits her during the week and has a yellow lab, Ike, whom Maggie loves. We took her to the Madison Children's Zoo a couple of weeks ago and she liked the goats and the meerkat - basically the only two animals that were moving around in the heat! She really loved the horses at the state fair.


Slunz said...

I think it is time for Maggie to meet Monty! He loves kids and is such a good dog around them.

BrookeK said...

Happy 11 months Maggie! Can't believe it is only 1 month until the BIG "ONE"!!!! woo hoo!

Anonymous said...

Just to let you know. You don't get an allergic reaction the first time you eat/touch something you are allergic to. That's because you haven't make antibodies yet to whatever the allergen is. However, with subsequent exposure to the allergen the body will attack with antibodies and then you get the allergic rxn (in this case, hives). That's why when Maggie first ate the cherries nothing happened.