Monday, July 18, 2011

Weekend Recap

Friday night we went out for pizza at Pizzeria Piccolo in the village and stopped by Yo Mama for some frozen yogurt deliciousness. Yo Mama is the new frozen yogurt place in our village and it is amazing. We went two times last week and contemplated a third. Maggie and I were big fans of the coconut yogurt. The red velvet yogurt with oreo cookies and raspberries is also a good selection :)

Friday night is usually movie night in our house. I don't know about any of you and your significant other, but there are movies that I like, movies that Nate likes and narry the two shall meet. We resolve this by alternating who picks the movie each week. This week I picked Winter's Bone - a classic "Amy" movie choice. This was a great movie, although not very uplifting! It made me think of the Anthony Bourdain Ozarks episode - and then when I googled that episode I found out why. In that episode, Bourdain meets up with Daniel Woodrell, the author of Winter's Bone, upon which the screenplay was based.

I will say that I had a nightmare that I was addicted to crystal meth after this movie. True Story.

Saturday I attempted to make good on one of my 2011 Goals and went to a yoga class! My sister and I bought the Riverwest Yogashala Iyengar yoga Groupon and went to our first of six classes on Saturday. While this was my first class, I really liked Iyengar yoga - which pays more attention to form. I think we maybe did ten poses the entire 90 minute class! I felt like I had amazing posture for the rest of the day.

We had a pool party for my MIL's birthday on Saturday afternoon. My in-laws just redid their pool liner so we were eager to jump in and check it out. I even went off the diving board for good measure. ha ha ha My FIL & Nate grilled out for dinner and we had a turtle cheesecake from Perc Place and turtle sundae ice cream from Kopps. Hopefully my MIL enjoyed her birthday weekend!

We rented another movie on Saturday night - How Do You Know. After the seriousness of Winter's Bone, we wanted something light. Snore. I could feel myself getting more and more sick as time passed and I fell asleep halfway through. Miraculously Nate stayed awake for it and commented that it was dumb.

As I said, while Sunday was a momentous day for Mags, Nate & I were under the weather with sore throats and head colds. ICK. Getting sick with a cold in July on a weekend STINKS!

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