Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Vacation Recap 3: Orlando and the Trip Home

Sunday (Day 5) we were back on the road to drive from Atlanta to Orlando. The drive went really well and we arrived in Orlando to be greeted by one of my BILs, N, and the GF of my other BIL, D. (Got that? K, the GF of my BIL, D is living with my other BIL, N - scandalous! ha ha ha).

We planned on checking out the fireworks at the Disney World Polynesian hotel. (I think that the Polynesian would be the hotel I would recommend to people with little kids if they were going to Disney.) We first got a Dole Whip, which may be one of my favorite parts of Disney World.

Maggie was not a fan of the pineapple soft serve:

After Dole Whips, we played in the fountain:

I was expecting Maggie to be afraid of the fireworks. WRONG - she was mesmerized by them. She just reclined back in my lap and ate some puffs while never taking her eyes off the fireworks:

We stayed at my in-laws condo in Celebration for the first part of our Orlando stay. This was ideal as we had a full kitchen and a washer/dryer. We stayed in the master bedroom, had a bathroom to ourselves and we put Maggie's pack-n-play in the walk in closet. Out of the entire vacation, she slept the best in that closet!

Two of the days we went to the Disney World parks. I know you might be thinking that we are crazy taking an almost-10 month old to Disney World In July in Florida - the busiest time of the parks. BUT given that my BIL works there, he gave us some of the free admissions he gets per year and basically took us to the front of every line on the rides we decided to go on. Part of me hopes he never quits that job! :) Since Nate and his family grew up going to Disney, they know the parks so well so they aren't nearly as overwhelming! We went to Hollywood Studios one morning, returned to the condo for Maggie's afternoon nap, and then went back to check out Epcot. On Day 2, we went to the Magic Kingdom for part of the day. My BIL also got Maggie a "First Visit" button and we all wore "I'm Celebrating Marge's First Visit" buttons - you can see them in the picture below.

Maggie also met some characters. While she did not cry at any of the characters, she wasn't exactly sure of what to make of them either!

On our down time, we made sure that KR kept up with the Casey Anthony trial :), went swimming in the Celebration pool and watched the alligators in the pond.

Here are some of our Disney photos:
Our celebrating buttons:

Maggie in her mouse ears and 1st visit button:


Why is this mouse dressed like me and doing jazz hands?

Pastries at France (Epcot)!

Ah yes! This position allows for optimal hair grabbing!

Color Coordinated girls at Animal Kingdom Lodge!

Checking out the monorail passengers on the morning of day 2


Enthralled at It's A Small World

Hmmm...Is this REALLY Belle? Let me just tug on this hair and see..

Classic castle picture with my BIL - the greatest Disney tour guide ever

Cooling down with her new souvenier back at the condo:

Thursday (Day 9) we hung out and laid around the condo until early afternoon when we packed up our stuff and moved to the JW Marriott Grande Lakes resort where Nate had a work conference beginning Thursday afternoon.

Maggie and I basically hit up the lazy river/pool area while Nate was at the conference. It was so humid the camera actually fogged up!

I basically tried to make sure she didn't drink too much pool water:

I actually went to bed at the same time as Mags on Thursday night, basically so I could read my book! Friday night my BIL and KR returned to do some babysitting for us so that I could join Nate for a business dinner at the Ritz Cartlon restaurant, Norman's. Dinner was very yummy!

Saturday morning we were itching to get home so we packed up and checked out - back on the road. The trip home was rather uneventful. We made it to just north of Nashville Saturday night and stayed at a Comfort Suites again. We were home by 5:30 on Sunday night which left some time to unpack, do laundry and get in bed to be ready for work/the real world the next day!

Mags (and Pooh) on the drive:

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