Friday, July 15, 2011

Vacation Recap 2: ATL

We spent Thurs night through Sunday morning in Atlanta. We had Friday to do some sightseeing since our friends were all at work so we went to the Georgia Aquarium. I love this aquarium and really think it is so well done. It was Nate's first trip there and he was also very impressed. Here is the standard "greenscreen" photo they take of every visitor:

I wish we would have bought this penguin mask for Maggie - she giggled whenever we put it on her:

There were a series of painted dolphins outside:

After the aquarium we drove around to see how different Atlanta is since we lived there over six years ago! We had lunch at the Flying Biscuit and then drove past our old apartment complex. We debated sneaking into the pool :)

We joined the D clan and the A clan at a Mexican restaurant in their Oakhurst neighborhood for dinner. Saturday was girls day! MB, C and I headed to Ten for pedicures while the men were on kid duty and also volunteered to cook us dinner. Nate took Maggie to her first Your Dekalb Famers Market trip - a must see if you are ever in the ATL area. The pedicure was the best pedicure I have ever gotten. It started with a customized foot sook in these lovely butterfly chairs. After that we headed to these reclining chairs where we had eye masks and warm blankets. I have never had a pedicure while being reclined, but it was amazing. I think I may had drifted off to sleep at some point. I chose OPI "A Good Mandarin is Hard to Find". It was a bright orange/coral shade - not my usual choice but I had admired my toes more than once since. I just might have to purchase this shade!

We spent Saturday afternoon at C&F's neighborhood pool and then the guys wowed us with smoked brisket and a variety of sides for dinner. Sarah was kind of enough to share her olives and cheese with us as well :)

Sunday morning we got packed up and were sent off full of pancakes and sausage. As always, it was fun catching up with friends and spending days lazing around with good food, and good conversation. It really put us in "vacation mode"!

Here are some pics:

Maggie and Sarah take a bath:

Last year during my ATL visit, MB & I were both with child and took this silly photo:

We tried to re-create it with babies - they weren't the biggest fans of the idea:

Unfortunately I did not think to get a big group photo - Just the girls:

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