Tuesday, July 12, 2011

She WAS the one-tooth baby

I still have not uploaded vacation pictures so delaying the recap.

I have to post these pictures of the "one-tooth baby". My niece has a Cabbage Patch Kid doll that has one tooth. When she was really little (as oppossed to the "big" five year old that she is now :) ), she named it the "one-tooth baby".

Last month, we took pictures of Maggie - a then one-tooth baby - with THE one-tooth baby for fun.

They crack me up

Maggie currently has 1.4 teeth - both on her bottom. We have a sneaking suspicion that another one is about to poke through. Unfortunately this tooth has brought a cough, runny nose, a low-grade fever and a loss of appetite with it so Mags hasn't been herself the past two days. I sort of freaked out about all of these symptoms and took her to the doctor yesterday because she has never been sick and did not have any of these with the previous teeth. I felt kind of like an idiot when her ears looked great, her lungs sounded great, her oxygen level was great and they "diagnosed" her with teething. Oh well!

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