Tuesday, July 26, 2011

More "Firsts"

It's funny but for a couple months I felt like Maggie didn't really do anything "new". Now, she does ten new things a day, it seems!

She has been pulling up a lot and has finally figured out that she doesn't need to be on her tip-toes all the time while standing. I would say she has definitely started the cruising stage - using furniture to walk around. Thus...

Yesterday, she had her first trying-to-walk-related injury. She was walking along the coffee table, fell when she got to the end, and hit her head on the corner. So when I saw her, she had a big band-aid on her head. Then she did it again - the Band-Aid provided some cushion the second time.

We installed a gate at the top of our stairs over the weekend. We had two of the tension gates and after my experience with those, we thought we better get something that was "staircase approved". A trip to BRU later, Nate installed our new gate. Maggie has already used it to stand and it contained her. It is nice that she can just cruise between her room and our room while we get ready in the morning.

She has already modified her crawl. For the first few days, it was pretty textbook. Now, she sort of keeps one of her knees up and plants her foot - so she "crawls" going knee..hand...foot...hand...knee. It looks ridiculous.

Finally, today is her first day at a non-family babysitter. I was not as nervous as I thought I would be, but still a little nervous. We had lined up this in-home place back when I was pregnant and haven't had to use it. We felt that it would probably be a good idea to give Maggie some interaction with other kids since she seems to be at the age where she is obsessed with them so we are going to use the place one day a week to start. Nate dropped her off this morning and she was immediately swarmed by the other kids and hamming it up for them. I was all worried she was going to cry and freak out because she didn't know anyone. Uh - yeah. Turns out I had NOTHING to worry about. I wish I could be a fly on the wall in that house today!

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