Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mail + Crafts = Sign me Up for Intervention

I love coming home from vacation to get the "tub o'mail" that is the accumulation of all of our mail from our time gone. I am obsessed with getting the mail everyday and have been since I can remember. You know all of those 1-800 numbers in the back advertising section of magazines? One summer, armed with my mom's copy of Midwest Living, I called the travel information number and ordered their free travel packet for ALL 50 states. Just so I could get mail. (Just to throw it out there, I was like 10 years old at the time).

OMG I have a sickness.

(I am holding back tears of laughter as I type this.)

Nate consistently makes fun of me for my mail addiction, to which I point out that I could be addicted to a lot of worse things. I was VERY excited to return from vacation to find my Posie Gets Cosy Sampler kit in the mail! (I am linking to Bijou Lovely's post on this since I am too lazy to take my own pictures of it.)

This is what I get for reading too many craft blogs. I see these things and think, "Hey, I should learn to crewel/embroider" and I order a kit that overwhelms me upon receipt.

Have I ever picked up a crewel needle in my life? Do I even know what crewel means?

When I was examining the contents, Nate asked, "What are you doing?"

I responded, "Going through this kit I ordered. Wouldn't this be cute in Maggie's room?!"

Nate: "Oh, is that counted cross-stitch?"

Amy: "Ummm..I don't know. Kind of?"

God bless the man because he could have said a lot of things at that point. After a long pause, I added:

"And yes...this is probably going onto the stack of projects that won't get finished for another ten years. Maybe it will be for Maggie's DORM room".

Nate's response: "How's that scarf for your mom coming?" (Note: Said Scarf was a present started in 2009 that was going to be a Mother's Day present for my mom...then a Christmas present...and has sat in a bag.)

All I could do was laugh. Apparently, in addition to the mail, I am addicted to crafts. Is there an Intervention episode for people like me?

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BrookeK said...

oh I love this! no wonder we are such close friends....I share your addiction with getting mail and unfinished crafts! don't forget our obsession with magazines! haha