Monday, July 11, 2011

In the last month (10 months)....

This week will be overloaded with posts as we just got back from a whirlwind 11 day vacation and Maggie turned 10 months old! I focused more on laundry than pictures last night so the vacation recaps will have to wait. Thus, here is the 10 month update on Maggles.

She continues to be a great eater. On vacation, she was relegated to a lot of store-bought purees but she also experienced a LOT of new foods as well so I didn't feel as bad! She now likes cheesey grits, black bean cakes, pancakes, guacamole, chicken, honeydew melons, mandarin oranges, and Moe's Black Bean Quesadillas. She also likes lemon - my BIL's GF, KR, gave her a lemon in FL expecting to get a funny face. Instead, Maggie ate the lemon. ha ha ha.

A funny food story from vacation: While staying at Nate's conference hotel in Orlando, Maggie and I were playing in the pool and then ate lunch at the poolside restaurant. I ordered fish tacos with fresh fruit. I gave her the fruit to eat and a small piece of the fish. She seemed to like it so I broke off a hunk of it and gave it to her. All of a sudden she started SCREAMING - apparently I should have tried more of the tacos before giving her the fish, which was quite spicy. Ah well. She quickly recovered and went back to eating her melon.

Her food schedule has not changed in the last month. You can tell that she really prefers "real food" to the "baby food" - duh - wouldn't you? Since we basically wiped out our remaining baby food supply on vacation, we will not be restocking that shelf in our pantry. Girl's growing up!

The only foods we are still avoiding are eggs, peanut butter and honey. These foods are highly allergenic and you are recommended to wait until 1 year to introduce those. However, since she obviously has gotten eggs in pasta, breads and some of the foods she has eaten, I am going to start giving her scrambled egg yolks to see what happens. Something I never knew pre-baby is that the white part of the egg is actually the most allergenic. We did give her part of a hard-cooked egg yolk on vacation and she seemed to like it.

I really feel like Maggie grew so much in the last 11 days but maybe that is because I was with her every day. She definitely got taller and heavier but I don't have any measurements since 10 months is not a well child visit time. She is starting to outgrow 12 month sized clothes and has started wearing 18 month sized things already. Our neighbors have a little girl, S, who is exactly one year older than Magggie and they just gave us another two big bags of hand-me-downs. YAY! However, I think Maggie will soon be bigger than S and no longer able to wear her hand-me-downs!

She also is growing out of her size 3 shoes and size 3 diapers.

Also, the girl is finally getting some hair! We are curious to find out what color it will be. Sometimes it looks very dark (similar to mine) and other times, when it catches the light, it looks lighter, and almost blond (similar to Nate). Time will tell!

She says "ba-ba" "ma-ma" and "da-da" indiscriminantly, but definitely says "da-da" most of all to refer to anything. I have no idea if she knows what she is saying, but I constantly reinforce things! ha ha ha She has done more gobbly-gook talk too to which I (I think Nate does this too) just pretend I understand what she is saying and keep talking to her.

On vacation, she gave us our first un-prompted kisses! It was too cute. Now if you say, "Maggie, can Mama have a kissy" she will come over to you and give you a (very wet) kiss. She also will grab her belly when you ask her, "Maggie, where is your belly?" and grab her toes when you ask her where her toes are.

This has been very exciting. We are SO CLOSE to crawling. She now gets up on all fours and does the rocking and two nights ago, we found her sitting up in her pack and play waiting for us - which was a first. Now she can control if she is laying on her back, stomach or sitting up which is so much easier. I think hanging with all of the "big kids" in the ATL rubbed off on her a little. Either that or she didn't want A (or any other kids) to crawl over her anymore, as captured in this photo from vacation:

She also is starting to do some pulling up on things. This is easier if the thing she is trying to pull up on is lower. In the pool by my in-laws condo in Celebration, FL, there was little ledge that was perfect for her to continually go up and down, up and down.
In the last month, I think she has gotten really sick of her toys. Or maybe I am just sick of them. During our stay in ATL, the 2-year old daughter of our friends C&F was great about sharing all of her toys with Maggie and Maggie definitely seemed way more interested in them than her own toys. S had some pretty cool toys! We did stop at Ikea in FL to get her some "bigger kid" toys including some wood blocks and one of those bead maze things.

At Disney World, we got her a stuffed animal and let her "pick". We basically took her to the walls of stuffed animals everyday and tried to see which ones she liked. She definitely seemed to have a preference for Winnie-the-Pooh so she now has a small Winnie-the-Pooh that she loves chewing on. She also is not without her Angel Dear duck at naptime and bedtime (Thanks HB).

I am excited to find some new toys for her.

She has 1.4 teeth, both on the bottom. The second one really seems to have pushed up in the last month. Nothing on the top yet!

Sleep got majorly messed up on vacation. She woke up in the middle of the night/morning about half of the nights we were away, which she hasn't done in a while. Changing time zones and sleeping in a pack in play in five different places probably did not help things! I am sure she will get back on track in a couple of days. Generally, she is still on the same sleep schedule as last month, with two naps being the norm. Last month we started waking her up on her morning nap so that she would sleep longer in her afternoon nap. We started doing this because her morning nap was always a lot longer than the afternoon nap and she would often be really crabby in the evening and be on the verge of falling asleep at 6 PM. Once we started shortening her morning nap, her afternoon nap got longer and she was able to make it until bedtime.

All photos courtesy of our friends, A&EH, from the ATL portion of our trip. THANK YOU!

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AJ said...

You should talk to your pediatrician re: eggs and peanut butter, because the thinking is changing here. Some even suspect avoiding these foods in infancy may increase the risk of developing allergies.

Re: honey - absolutely avoid until your child is at least one year old, but this isn't an allergy issue. Honey contains botulism spores, which an infant's immature digestive system can't process.