Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hanging Up the Horns

In seven weeks and two days, Maggie will be a year old.

My goal since before she was born was to have her on breastmilk until she was a year old, which is the point at which you can start giving an infant cow's milk.

I am happy that I will more than meet that goal, given the freezer stash that I accumulated over the past almost-year.

I discussed weaning with Maggie's doctor at her nine-month appointment. At that point, Maggie was nursing three times a day: once right away in the morning, once mid-afternoon and once right before bed. On days that I work, this meant that she had a mid-afternoon bottle. The doctor recommended starting with dropping the afternoon feeding first. As we did with the other transitions, we are dropping the nursing and thus dropping the bottle. Starting this week, Maggie has gotten a "real" snack mid-afternoon with some milk in a sippy cup in the mid-afternoon rather than her usual 4 oz bottle.

Yesterday I still pumped but today as I went to hook up the pump for the daily pump-fest I thought, "Why am I still doing this?" I have more than enough freezer supply to cover the sippy cup milk every day so I am happy to announce that I am "hanging up the horns". In the breastfeeding/pumping world, "hanging up the horns" or "HUTH" is code for - "I'm retiring my pump". ("The horns" are the flanges that you attach to your breasts.)

I feel like throwing a party to celebrate! Pumping was never my favorite activity - I am betting that it probably isn't most women's favorite activity. As much as I HATED pumping, I am grateful to my Medela Pump In Style Advanced for helping me achieve my goal and work full time. I highly recommend this pump to any of you who may be shopping for one! I do wish that I had followed my friend CD's advice to get the backpack rather than the shoulder bag though. Every day I would carry my pump bag, my milk cooler, my lunch and my purse/work bag to and from my car. The backpack would have made it a bit easier to be a pack mule. I think at the time I purchased my pump (at Babies R US while 39 weeks pregnant!), I thought the shoulder bag was more stylish. UM...that is a textbook case of pregnancy brain. Don't let the "PUMP IN STYLE" name fool you: There is NOTHING remotely stylish about a breast pump bag.

Step 1 of the weaning process - Complete!

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Ali said...

I know I already talked to you about this, but YAHOO! Congrats on making it to a year with breastmilk, and even more congrats on getting there without having to pump the whole time!!!

What do you think a HUTH party would look like? Hmmm...I can only imagine the fun with party favors one could have...