Friday, July 29, 2011

Hair products/appliances

It cracks me up that by far the posts that I get the most comments/emails on are posts about hair.

Here is a follow-up to yesterday's hair post:

1. The gel I purchased on Wednesday night was the Grund Prodesign Shape Gel. I have not had to replicate the salon results yet so I am not sure if I can successfully use this product.

2. My BIL's GF uses the Garnier Fructis Scrunch Curl Gel (a tiny amount else cruch factor sets in) or the Aveda Flax Seed Aloe gel. I have seen her hair - it does not look crunchy curly.

3. Brazilian! My friend EL commented that she treated her long thick locks to a Brazilian Blowout. I thought it was funny because my stylist recommended one to me after I was complaining about frizz. I don't know if I will take the plunge. They do sound uber fantastic.

I will now review a product I asked my MIL for for Christmas - The Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine Blow Dry Protector. I would give this product a thumbs down. I was hoping it was going to be my cheap-o version of a Brazilian blowout but I guess you totally get what you pay for in this instance. The goop you have to put on your hair for 20-25 minutes smells awful. I would compare it to a home hair coloring kit - you have to wear gloves, put a shower cap on your head, etc. I didn't think it reduced my blow drying time or affected frizz or straightness at all. Oh well - glad I tried it! (I just noticed this product only received 2 stars in Amazon).

4. Dry Shampoo. I noticed that Tressemme has expanded their line of dry shampoos from 2 versions to 4. I currently have this version, although I think I like the Suave Professionals Dry Shampoo better. My sister definitely likes the Suave better - she has full access to the hair closet whilst babysitting my child. The scent is better and there is not as much white residue to get rid of with the Suave. And, it's cheaper, although more expensive that the "regular" Suave products. I love that I get annoyed at paying $3 for a can of Suave.

5. I am still on the lookout for a good hairspray, although I found a half bottle of this Aveda Brilliant Medium Hold Hairspray in my closet that I am quite impressed with. I wonder why I stopped using it?? Let me know if you have any recommendations!

6. Reading the above, you may get the impression that I am a hair product whore.

You would be right.

I do get rid of things that I really do not like. I have been known to come to book club with a bag full of hair products (and other products) to give away. (I am still trying to find a home for the got2b Smoothing Lustre Lotion - and yes, the charms are still attached to the bottle.) Otherwise, family members are the lucky recipients of my closet purging. This might be weird but I really do not like throwing things away!

My old roommate in CHI used to have TUBS of products in rubbermaids. (She also had bi-polar hair.) That was the hookup - you could try anything to see if it worked!

7. Curling irons/Flat irons. I am in need of an upgrade for both. I do not want to spend a lot of money. Thus, do not email me and tell me that the CHI flat iron is awesome. I realize it is, but given that I do not use this appliance that often, I do not want to invest $100+ on it.

I currently have a Wigo flat iron that I bought in ATL from Ulta. The plate is uneven where it meets the "arm" of the flat iron and it always rips a bunch of hair out. So you can see why I no longer use it. I also do not like the design of it - instead of just being two arms that you clamp together (looking like a "V"), it looks like an "X". I am not coordinated enough to work this.

I currently have a Revlon 1" curling iron. It may be from high school. It has no heat adjuster - just plug in and go. It really does not get very hot.

My friend Slunz and I were talking about just going to Target and throwing a dart at the curling iron wall - so please. Save us from carnival games - send me your recommendations!


Nadi said...

If the "brazilian blowout" you mentioned is the same as the Brazilian Keratin Treatment (where they apply some formula to your hair and blow dry on super-high temps then flat iron) DO NOT DO IT! That formula contains copious amounts (10%+) of formaldehyde, which-when heated-disperses fumes into the air, your lungs and bloodstream, [potentially] breastmilk, etc.
If that's not what you were talking about, great...but if it is, please stay away!

Slunz said...

Please recommend a curling iron! I need help!

Old MD Girl said...


You knowledge of hair products is way way way more sophisticated than mine. However I thought I'd throw in that I've been using Paul Mitchell "The Conditioner" for years. It's the weird blue leave in one. I started using it when I was swimming, and it took a little while to get used to it, but now I really can't live without it. Interestingly, I think it's designed for African American hair, which is completely opposite to the kind of hair I have. Now I'll grant you, I've never found anyone else who likes it, but I swear by it.

I also recently discovered pomade as a way to keep the frizzy flyaway hairs by my face under control without bobby pins. I've been using the Aveda one I got for my husband. LOVE IT. I was worried that I'd have to wash my hair daily if I started using it, but the second day it usually has just resulted in softer hair, and I can reapply no problem.

Silky Jess said...

I finally upgraded from a Revlon to a Solia flatiron a year or so ago, and it was totally worth it. is having a 20% off sale on flat irons, on top of already discounted prices (the Solia, at least are on sale). Still pricey, but with free shipping and the discounts, you may decide it's worth it. (|6678|solia%20flat%20iron||S|e|6016609101&gclid=CLy8r6LtqaoCFUPBKgodYwRZWA).

Good luck in the hunt!

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