Thursday, July 21, 2011

DIY Fruit Leather

I have been known to take down an entire box of Fruit Roll-Ups in one sitting...driving the 2 mile stretch home from Target, where I just purchased said box of Fruit Roll Ups.

And those bags of Trader Joe's odds and ends fruit leather bits? YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!

So when DIY fruit leather popped up in my Google Reader the other day, I thought I'd give it a try. Intrestingly enough, DIY Fruit Leather was the DIY feature of the week in the Milwaukee Journal Setinel food section.

And in classic Amy fashion, I started with Step 1 of the recipe before reading the entire thing through. I had my fruit puree spread in my parchment-paper lined jelly roll pan when I read the baking instruction "Bake in a 140 degree oven for 8-10 hours".


I text messaged my friend AH who I knew had made countless batches of the stuff. "Is this bake time for real?"

"Yes. We leave the oven on overnight." she replied. goes. I could just see the headline.

"Family of Three Dies in House Fire. Mom Trying to Make Fruit Leather"

Our oven only went down to 170 degrees. I put it in at 8:00PM. At 10:00PM, we were ready to head to bed.

Nate, of course, noticed the oven was still on. When I informed him it was going to be on all night he commented, "I love that you picked the hottest day of the year to keep the oven on all night."

(Yes. We are in the midst of a 4-day long heat advisory. YIKES!)

AT 3:30AM, I woke up. I wondered about the fruit leather...but not enough to get out of bed.

At 5:30AM, my alarm went off and I got up and went to check it out. It looked right. I pulled it out and shut the oven off and went to take my shower.

When we taste tested it, it was a bit crunchy, albeit tasty (I made peach raspberry - and I just purreed fruit - no sugar/gelatin additions). I think I left it in too long. I will have to experiment with the cook time, given the oven temp of 170. I also would like to try making them in a food dehydrator. Word on the street is that my MIL has one...

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