Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Crawl Monster!

See this sweet face?

Overnight she has become CRAZY!

She has crawled several laps around our downstairs floor already this morning, thinks she can use her toy kitchen to stand up and pulled anything within reach.

I brought up the baby gates to block off our entryway, which is where I have moved all of our plants to.

I couldn't figure out how to lock it down so I thought, "It's fine."

WRONG. She made a bee line for the gate and within 0.2 seconds it had crashed on top of her.

SO...I spent a little more time to get it locked down.

Again, she made a beeline for the gate, pulled up and started shaking it.

I guess there is a reason these gates "are not recommended for the top of stairs"!!


BrookeK said...

oh my! she is certainly on the move!

Emily said...

I can't believe she is crawling!!! That is so exciting.