Thursday, July 28, 2011

Catch a WAVE!

Hold onto your's another Hair post!

My hair has a natural wave to it. Unfortunately, it is the type of wave that requires some work to sport - I can't just wash my hair and go, lest I have a pouf-ball of half-assed wavy frizz.

Lately, I have felt like the natural waviness has been amplified. I don't know if it is the heat or the humidity but I have been trying to stop fighting the wave and embrace it. This IS what French women do, of course. (AKA...I am too lazy to blow dry my hair every 4th day). Thus, I have been obsessed with long beachy waves. Proof is in my Pinterest "Hair DO" board. You may also recall the bad curling iron incident from a few weeks back.
Clearly, I need some hair help.

I consulted thebeautydepartment. Make fun of LC all you want, but this blog has some really helpful tips/tutorials. (I stopped being high and mighty on LC when I realized I was wearing a lot of her Kohls clothes and reading this blog obsessively.)

The mornings have been getting later and later for me (that darn snooze button!). Thus, I started experimenting with wearing my hair wavy. I was making this potion of Aveda Confixor + Aveda Be Curly Style Prep and letting my hair air dry. This was actually working pretty well, but results were not consistent. And I would sometimes have the crunch factor.

Last night, I had a hair cut. NORMALLY, I let them straighten the sh** out of my hair and then try not to wash it for as long as possible. I can never replicate how straight salons are able to get my hair! There have been a few instances where I let them experiment with my wave. These are all HUGE failures. Example: Once I asked the stylist, "I really want to try to wear my hair wavy. Do you have any tips?" She squeezed half a bottle of Bumble and Bumble Curl Creme onto my head. My hair was so disgusting. The worst part? I totally did not wash it the next day and went to work. A colleague was like, "What the hell happened to your hair?!" (Sort of like the time I did a coconut oil treatment the morning I went to work...I'll save that one for another hair post).

Back to last night...My current stylist is also a friend. I should say, one of my friends from college is also a stylist. She saw my hair last night, post shampooing, and exclaimed "HOLY WAVES". I guess my hair IS getting wavier! I took this as an invitation to lament about my recent hair woes (including the curling iron disaster). I told her I wanted natural waves but I did not want them to be crunchy or "wet" looking. And if she could give me a curling iron tutorial, I would be most grateful.


I did not take a picture of my hair last night because I had to get straight home and make macaroni and cheese for a friend that recently had a baby. BUT trust me when I tell you that my hair was AMAZING. I am still rocking the waves today but they are not quite as awesome as they were last night. (I really tried sleeping on my back with my hair spread out so as not to damage the waves!)

How did she do it? "Curly hair is a science that requires some trial and error" was her quote. Ok, I have been trying for about 15 years and she nailed in in one try.

Here are some pointers in case any of the five readers I have (not including the family members that probably make up 95% of my readership):

1) KEEP YOUR HAIR AS WET AS POSSIBLE. I always towel dried my hair. Apparently I should step straight from the shower and product-ize my hair with no/minimal drying. Last night, she drenched my hair with a spray bottle of water after trimming it and commented that this was the next best thing as straight from the shower wet.

2) FINDING THE RIGHT PRODUCT FOR YOUR HAIR TEXTURE IS KEY. (I feel like this is an obvious statement, but the "right product" is not so obvious). She recommended this creme gel that was fairly lightweight so that it would not weigh my hair down, but would provide enough hold for the wave. I have found that most "curl cremes" on the market are too heavy for my hair - and I feel like I have tried both high end (Bumble & Bumble, Aveda, Kerastase) and low end (Garnier Fructis, Pantene, John Frieda) curl cremes. I was a little nervous at mention of the word "GEL". Even though I knew my BIL's GF uses gel to rock her curly hair (with fantastic results), to me, "gel", brings to mind the crunchy 80s.

3) DIFFUSE. My stylist recommended diffusing the hair about 50-75% dry. (This is also what LC recommends, BTW). She diffused my hair for a while though because she was also giving me a curling iron tutorial and needed it to be dry. Apparently I had been diffusing my hair wrong too. She recommneded only diffusing about mid-way up my hair. IT will be extra poufy if you diffuse up to the top of the head (which is what I was doing).

4) DO NOT TOUCH YOUR HAIR. Try not to play with it or touch it, particularly while it is diffusing/drying. The more you play with it, the less wavy it will be. I was twisting parts of my hair around my finger and scrunching it often!

5) WAVE SPRAY. She also used this beach wave spray. I did not buy this because I was already buying two products and had to limit myself. I did find this DIY beach wave spray recipe that I might try. She thought that the wave spray might not be a necessity.

Ok. So now for the curling iron tutorial.

She used a curling iron to touch up some pieces around my head and to show me how to use one since I was lacking in this department. I was happy that she just used a 1" curling iron because that is what I had at home. It turns out I was trying to put WAY TOO MUCH hair into the curling iron. She put the TINIEST pieces in there. And since I wouldn't be curling my entire head, it wouldn't take that long. She maybe curled 6-7 pieces, particularly around the front of my head since the back is SUPER naturally wavy and the front is only partially naturally wavy.

My next concern was that I was going to have to wash my hair more frequently. In my original hair post, I had commented that if I wear my hair curly, I have to wash it more often. And we all know I am not a fan of frequent hair washing. She said that I should be able to have Day 2 hair and do some quick touchups with the curling iron. So that is what I did this morning. While my hair is not as banging as it was last night, it is still way better than any of my previous attempts to wear my hair wavy. The real test is when I start with sopping wet hair and have to do all of the above myself.

I really wish I could just have a personal hairstylist that would do my hair everyday. I wonder what Nate would say....

(Please note: I now have a HAIR label for all of these wack-a-doo hair posts)


Old MD Girl said...

I think this calls for a DIY video. And pictures OF COURSE.

Slunz said...

THANK YOU! I have this same problem and have gone through many of your same wavy hair woes. I am not alone! I am going to implement these steps for sure. I am so tired of straightening (read: frying) my hair.

Funny side note, whenever I get caught in the rain and it is humid - I look gorgeous. Whenever I try to recreate this rainy/humid environment in my own bathroom, I look ridiculous.

Emily said...

I splurged on a Brazilian Blowout on Tuesday ($150)! It took my thick, super wavy, frizzy hair and made it sleek and shiny with a gentle wave around my face. I took a shower this morning and had to do absolutley nothing. It air dried perfect and I didn't have to use any product either. It is supposed to last 3 months, and I figured it was worth the cost for all the time it will save me (plus I haven't splurged on anything for myself really since Madeleine was born). I'm glad you found some hair success!!