Wednesday, July 13, 2011

And We're Off! Vacation Days 1-2

It was the vacation that never seemed to get here! I NEEDED a vacation. Work has been insane, and true to form, despite my one-month heads up to everyone I work with, people seemed in denial that I was not going to be in the office. As seems to happen with every "last day in the office before vacation", sh** hit multiple fans. Thankfully, I was still out of the office by 5 PM...and NO I was not checking (work) email on vacation!

We loaded up the car and took the standard road trip photo:

All of you good Catholics out there will appreciate the St. Christopher medal my mom bought Maggie for her carseat for the trip - you can see in pinned on there in photo below. Hilarious! St. Christopher = patron saint of travelers. The saints are something I miss most about Catholicism!

So 5:50 PM we were out of the driveway!

We were back home at 5:51 PM because despite my best overpacking efforts, I had forgotten the trip journal. (Nevermind that I never actually WROTE in the trip journal!)

OK! Back out of the driveway at 5:52.

Of course we ran in MKE traffic. This however wasn't terrible. Maggie fell asleep around her normal bedtime and we kept cruising. WE made it just south of Indianapolis the first night and stayed in a Comfort Suites. HB recommended the Comfort Suites to us after we told her about the smallness of our hotel room in Iowa. I completely second her recommendation. For one low price you get a huge room, a refrigerator/freezer (helpful for breastmilk!), free breakfast and free wireless internet so you can catch up with your Words With Friends games ;)

The next day, Maggie was excited to be on vacation:

We loaded back into the car and got back on the road. This second day was the worst day of our trip. I grew very tired of trying to entertain Maggie with the toys and books I brought along. She grew very tired of being in her carseat. At Calhoun, GA, Nate promised that we would fly the next vacation. HALLELUJAH. I pondered purchasing flight tickets for Maggie and myself for the way home and Nate could drive the car home.

Despite the subpar travel day, we DID get to eat at Chick-fil-A - always a favorite when we visit the South. Maggie was excited to have the placemat to "play" with, and she even enjoyed some of my chicken sandwich. This is where we found out her love of mandarin oranges - from the fruit cup we bought her.

Finally, we arrived at our friends' C, F, & SD house at 6:30 PM - two hours later than we had anticipated. No matter - the ATL crew was there with a scrumptious dinner.

Five kids age 3 and under = craziness! Maggie loved it!

Here are Rollins School of Public Health: The Next Generation:

Who knew six years after graduation we would have such a cute crew? The kiddos are lined up from oldest to youngest - Miles, Sarah, Felix, Anslea and Maggie.

Kid's bedtimes quickly approached and it was time to go to bed. C&F turned their master bedroom and bathroom into a guest suite for us which was fabulous. Maggie and the pack-n-play went in the bathroom which was connected to the bedroom, but had a door. It worked out so well - Thank you C&F!

WE MADE IT TO OUR FIRST DESTINATION. Tired, but safe and sound. Stay tuned for our ATL Adventures....

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Old MD Girl said...

Really really good to know about Comfort Suites. The pic of Mags on your bed there is ADORABLE. Looking forward to hearing about the rest of the trip!