Monday, July 18, 2011

10 months, 1 week, 2 days: FIRST CRAWL :)

Interupting Vacation Recaps (AGAIN) for a Special Alert:


It seems crazy fast how things have developed with Maggie's gross motor skills after vacation. One week and we have an entirely different kiddo!

1. Sunday July 9 - We woke up in the Comfort Suites to find Maggie sitting up in her pack-n-play. Before this, she never went from laying down to sitting up unassisted. We lowered our crib when we got home!

2. Thursday July 14 - She pulled herself up by the window ledge in our living room all by herself.

2. Saturday July 16 - Nate called me into Maggie's room - SHE WAS STANDING in her crib. Good thing we had lowered it! She now can reach her airplane mobile whenever she wants!

3. Sunday July 17 - Maggie was crawling all over the place. She now has two red knees from all of the crawling. Perfect timing - Nate and I were sick as dogs yesterday with the cold Maggie had last week. (I am now convinced that she really was sick and not teething.) We managed to tag team throughout the day so that we each could get naps in. By the end of the day, we were building towers of toys on one end of the room and she was crawling from the other side to knock them down!

Some of her favorite "toys" are oatmeal canisters. The Happy Baby brand oatmeal comes in small canisters and I give them to her to play with when she is done eating all of the oatmeal. Sometimes we put something in them so they rattle, but she loves rolling them across the floor and now that we have a couple of them, she loves to knock over a tower of them. Who needs real toys when you have oatmeal canisters I guess?!

I know I am going to sound like such a mom when I say this, but her crawl is so cute. Nate and I were oohing and ahing over it all day. She hasn't figured out all of the mechanics of it quite yet so she sometimes does a little hop thing.

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