Friday, June 17, 2011

Tired Legs

I ran three days this week!

Don't be too impressed. The devil is in the details.

Sunday Nate said, "Do you want to go for a run?" I thought he was asking me as in "Do YOU want to go for a run and I will stay here with Mags". Turns out he wanted all of us to go for a run. Since this is maybe an annual occurrence, I jumped at the chance even though I may not have been in the best condition to run due to some shananigans with my BFFs the previous night.

We went 1.1 miles. He pushed the running stroller. FUN!

Tuesday night I took Maggie for a run after dinner before her bedtime. I was on a mission to find out if a nearby school had swings on their playground since our neighborhood park does not. We went 3.5 miles. I posted on FB that it felt like 6 and I thought the running stroller was to blame.

Last night I was feeding Maggie before bed, reading blogs via Flipboard on my Ipad. I read the latest post by iamarunnerchica who is the daughter of Nate's family friend. The post rang so true with my memories of running marathons I was so excited. I put Maggie in bed, put my shoes on and hit the road.

Well I don't know if I thought I was going to run a marathon right then and there but I headed out on one of my 5-mile routes full of energy and motivation. WHEEE! I love running!

I turned the corner and realized the pipe dream that was my 5 mile run. Thankfully the route I chose has a escape button. Clearly my delusional pace was not going to continue - the small inclines felt bigger than Heartbreak Hill. I crossed over into our neighborhood and the angel on my right shoulder motivated me with the mantra "You gave birth, You can do this!". (The devil on my left shoulder retorted, "BUT YOU HAD AN EPIDURAL!") I came panting home after another 3.5 miles. It wasn't the running stroller. I'm just woefully out of shape!


Emily said...

Good job for getting out there!! I love that "BUT YOU HAD AN EPIDURAL!" cracked me up.

abbey algiers said...

Hi Amy,

This is "runnerchica!" I saw your site on my "referrer page" and didn't recognize it, so I had to check it out. When I saw the shot of your house, I was like, "What a cool, adorable cape cod!" Then I read on and saw it was about you and Nate! Love the piece on his father's day because... I babysat for Nate and can attest to the fact that he was very helpful when Nick was born, then with David. :)
Love your blog and your daughter is just beautiful!