Tuesday, June 7, 2011



Am I too old to rock a friendship bracelet again?

Lately the blogosphere has been all over the re-appearance of the friendship bracelet making trend. Holy bring me back to middle school. I was shopping at Target last week and perusing the jewelry and lo and behold. THEY HAD A FRIENDSHIP BRACELET FOR SALE. As my friend AH pointed out, we could have been millionaires back in the 5th grade! Granted the price of DMC embroidery floss has gone up (used to be 4 for a $1), but still.

Today, my friend MS sent me a link to a tutorial to make a friendship bracelet. We agreed that if you need a tutorial to make a friendship bracelet, you are so not authentic - those skills should be buried in your childhood memories.

I still have my yellow floss organizer with the little cardboard floss holders in my closet. I can remember staying up late to make the coveted "rainbow" friendship bracelet - the thicker the bracelet, the more coveted. You pre-teens out there (Liz M, I'm talking to you - your mom nailed the friendship bracelets back in the day!) need to GET ON THIS.

Which leads me back to my original question...at age 30, can I still rock a friendship bracelet?

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Maayan said...

never too old!

hollyburch said...


chacha said...

I thought they might be coming back! I have a buttload of embroidery thread not for the purpose of knotting up bracelets, but I am tempted to make them. Flashback to childhood.