Thursday, June 23, 2011


Yesterday was my day off. We were invited to go check out Hoyt Pool with HB & AS, however, the "tot time" coincides with Maggie's morning nap time. And of course yesterday she took a stellar nap so no pool for us.

At the risk of getting poured on (SO MUCH RAIN lately!), we set out on a walk after lunch and found swings at Elm Grove park. YAY! You would not know it by these crappy cell phone pictures but Maggie was giggling out loud while swinging. She didn't quite learn to pump her legs but I was happy to push.

After swinging, we headed to Bigsby's sewing to get some thread for the Sorbetto tank top I'm working on. We ran into a bunch of construction on the way home so Maggie fell asleep while I trekked on.

I parked in her in the yard, grabbed a chair, my book and a homemade grapefruit popsicle and sat in the shade and joined her. Until the downpour started! I managed to haul her into the house without getting too wet and she stayed asleep! SCORE!

We rounded out the day with grocery shopping and canning! More on that to come...

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Slunz said...

Please share the grapefruit popsicle recipe too!