Wednesday, June 29, 2011

RIP Lawn Boy

Almost four years ago, I had a post with Nate showing off our new/used lawnmower that my in-laws gave to us so we can mow our then-new yard!

I thought that Lawn Boy was on his last leg, but he gave us four good years.

Nate not so sadly had to buy a new lawnmower last week. He claims he can mow the lawn in half the time. These pics are a bit fuzzy because he was moving so fast!

I wouldn't know and I don't plan on finding out :) Lawn care is one job I am more than happy to leave to him!

It seems crazy that we in a week we will have been homeowners for FOUR years!


BrookeK said...

yeah! congrats on 4 years!

Old MD Girl said...

OMG a post NOT about your daughter! This has got to be a first in months.