Friday, June 3, 2011

Maggie's Favorite New Book: The Target Ad

I typically use my mid-week day off to do errands as the stores are much less crowded during the weekday. One key step that I have started doing is going through the ads and my coupons BEFORE going to the store to speed along the process. (Thank you extreme couponing.) Today I even made a diaper chart in Excel...and we don't even primarily use disposable diapers. OMG. Yes. I just publicly admitted that.

Maggie thought she would help me with the Target ad:

I had to laugh as this brought back a funny memory from growing up. My mom had propped my little sister (who was probably about the same age as Maggie) with some pillows. The TV Guide was nearby and when we came back into the room she had DESTROYED it. My mom snapped a picture, which i am hoping to get and scan since many people say that Maggie resembles my sister.

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