Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Ipad: Bringing back the Radio

One of my daily uses of the Ipad (besides WWF) is a streaming device at work. We do not have very many Internet restrictions at work (obvious point to those of you that personally know how me and my online habits) but the one thing we ARE restricted from doing is online streaming of music or radio programs.

Since having Maggie and beginning ten-hour work days, I am in the office a good 1.5-2 hours before my other colleagues. And even when my colleagues are here, I'm pretty much in front of a computer all day. It gets a little boring. Enter the NPR App. For whatever reason, I can stream live NPR through the NPR app using my Ipad and office wireless. I still can't stream live NPR through on my ipad but the App allows for it.

SUHWEET! Bring on Fresh Air! Bring on the entymology guy on Wisconsin Public Radio! (Yes. I love this program. GEEK!)

The NPR App is tied with Words with Friends as my MOST USED APP. LOVE IT!

For those of you that say "Why don't you just bring in a radio to your office". Tried that. For realz. Boombox style. Our building is an old concrete bunker and thus, radio signals do not travel well.

Since my Ipad is used daily and travels with me wherever I go, I have thought about upgrading the case beyond the standard one that comes with it. Unfortunately, they are pricey. I have thought about making one, however I generally just do not get excited about this idea.

Then the universe collided in three ways:
1) I got an email about the new 1154 Lill Ipad cover, "Taylor"

I was less than excited about the $69 pricetag, however. Onto number 2:
2) I won the annual career development award at work (proof that I do, in fact, do some work) that had a payout of $100. YES! Now I could just order this online but it isn't as fun as attending a party where you get to oogle all the fabrics so an email to my Lill Cohort here in WI was in order and then...
3) HB is having a Lill party! woot!

I love when the stars align, he he he.

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