Tuesday, June 7, 2011

In the last month (9 Months)....

Maggie is 9 months old today. CA-RAAA-ZY.

And now it's time for the breakdown of the last month.

We have been transitioning more and more to finger foods and less on purees mainly because Mags prefers to run the show with food. If you do not want her to eat something, then do not put it on her tray! We give her finger foods and then try to give her pureed foods in between. Gone are the days when we could just spoon food into her mouth and let that be it. She absolutely LOVES bananas and watermelon. The kid ate 1/4 of a huge watermelon entirely on her own. She also was a fan of trader joe's spinach tortellini. Basically, we have been letting her taste pretty much anything. When she gets bucky about having to be fed, we have found that giving her an extra spoon helps. Sometimes I will even put a little food on the spoon to see if she can get it into her mouth. Yes, this is messy but I feel like that is how she is going to learn!

She has become better with a sippy cup as well. We give her a cup of breastmilk with every meal and every day it seems she drinks a bit more. It was all about finding the right cup. We were gifted a variety of sippy cups which she didn't seem to be a fan of. I went to BRU and bought one that did not look like any we currently had and voila. That was her favorite. (It is this one in case you are interested). By and large she really likes drinking out of a regular glass, which we let her do frequently. We took her to Cafe Calatrava over the weekend and girl liked the cucumber water:

The sippy cup lets her get liquid when she wants it though which is nice. The sippy cups do not have a valve but they also don't leak liquid out when she drops them - I'm not sure how this works but I like it.

We are down to only one bottle a day when I work! I actually packed up all of the big (8 oz) bottles this week to make room for the sippy cups in her cupboard. I confess, it made me a little sad.

Here is our current food schedule:

6 AM wake up and nurse
Sometime between 8 & 9 AM: breakfast
Noonish: Lunch
Sometime in the Afternoon: 4 oz bottle (work days) Nurse (home days)
5-5:30ish: Dinner
6:30-7: Nurse before bed.

We basically feed her until she isn't hungry. The girl eats a TON of food. For example, yesterday for breakfast she had 1/3 cup of oatmeal cereal mixed with a couple of ounces of breastmilk, two slices of watermelon and half of a banana with milk in a sippy cup. I am trying to use up jarred baby food so she will regularly eat 2 (4 oz) jars of food along with a hefty amount of finger foods for a meal.

During the last month, we also moved Maggie to a convertible carseat and out of her infant carseat. We were planning on keeping her in the infant seat as our second/backup carseat but when I went to get the convertible carseat installed, the carseat technician pointed out that she is almost too tall for the infant seat! Thus we packed up the Chicco Key Fit 30 and loaned the Snap N Go stroller to another friend.

Maggie had her 9 month doctor visit today. She had not been to the doctor since she was 6 months old so I was excited to see how much she weighed and how tall she was:
Weight: 20 lbs 3.4 oz - still in the 75th percentile

Length: 29 inches! around the 95th percentile

She is entirely in 12 month sized clothes, with a few things (pajamas, swimsuit) in the 18 month size.

She says "ba-ba" "ma-ma" and "da-da" indiscriminantly. I have no idea if she knows what she is saying, but I constantly reinforce things! ha ha ha She has done more gobbly-gook talk too to which I (I think Nate does this too) just pretend I understand what she is saying and keep talking to her.

Mimicking has begun! She will raise her hands over her head if you ask her, "How big is Maggie?", she will wave "bye-bye" and she will clap her hands if you say "yay" or start singing "patty cake". Sometimes she will smack her lips if you say kissy kissy but we have some work to go on that one.

Well, we roll all over the place. No crawling. Sometimes she will scoot backwards and sometimes she will sort of hop on her bottom while sitting. Just in the last few days it seems like she WANTS to move. Where previously if a toy was out of reach she would just continue playing with her hand or foot, she now will WANT to get the toy. So maybe crawling is just around the corner? It doesn't really seem like it. At her appointment today we were given an ASQ "ages and stages" questionnaire to fill out. As we suspected, she killed the fine motor, language and problem solving sections. Gross motor skills = FAIL. The doctor mentioned that she may be a candidate for some gross motor therapy if there is not improvement by 12 months.

Still loves the stacking rings and stacking cups, particularly if you build a tower out of the cups for her to knock over and "crash". With her kitchen, she has developed preferences for some of the songs - and will sort of sway back and forth to them! It is ADORABLE! She loves riding on her dinosaur too. She really loves hearing the ABCs. She has this giraffe that sings them but she will still crack up even if you just sing them to her.

She has developed a strong preference for "lift the flap" books. Books with real babies in them make her smile as well. We continue to read SEVERAL books to her every night before bed.

AND...the blanket. She LOVES blankets, particularly the soft furry kind. She will suck on the tags. She actually likes going in her crib because then she gets a blanket. We make this huge production over covering her with the blanket and she will kick and squeal with excitement. So funny. I joke that my sister is teaching Maggie to be a blanket baby since my sister was a blanket baby.

As I noted she "graduated" from swim lessons last weekend. I totally make fun of the swim lessons, but have to admit that she did make progress on things from lesson 1 to the end. This is the type of stuff that BLOWS MY MIND about babies. You can actually see their brains start to work and process things. We are not going to continue with the lessons through the summer since we can actually swim OUTSIDE but come fall, I think we'll do them again.

She still only has one tooth. We went through two rough nights very recently which makes me think another might be on the way. Teething is terrible since there is really very little you can do for them. We give her baby ibuprofen but I don't think it makes much difference.

Bedtime is still sometime in the 6:30-7:00 window and she will be up by 6 the next morning. Yes this is early but for the days I work, it works perfectly. On the days I don't work, it's early. :) The thing about her is if we put her to bed later, she still wakes up at 6 so we would rather have her continue with the early bed time. Last night she was in bed by 6:40 and she didn't wake up until 6:45 this morning!!! Love these days :)

Naps continue to be whenever she needs them. GENERALLY, she takes a morning and an afternoon nap. But some days she takes two morning naps. We have tried to put her more on a nap schedule a couple of times, but it hasn't worked very well. We were just talking about it and there really doesn't seem to be a good reason to have a regimented nap time with our lifestyle so we continue to go with it. I feel very lucky in the whole sleep department so I try not to mess with it too much!

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