Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

Nate is one of those guys who was pretty much born to be a dad. I think he was counting down the days for me to say "yes please" to parenthood since we got married. So I pretty much knew he would be amazing.

I am happy to report he has lived up to my expectations. While his top fear of becoming a parent was poop, he has never shied away from a poopy diaper, he reads stories to Maggie in silly voices and comes up with these hilarious songs featuring her name. My favorite nickname he has bestowed on her is "Margaret Marmot" because the Marmot is the animal featured on the letter "M" card hanging in her room.

I developed his father's day gift with some help from the blogosphere. I have been giving people coupon books since I can remember. My mom has a few of them that I have made her over the years. So I was VERY excited to see the Daddyland coupon book on the Disney Family site. I thought this was perfect a) because it was a coupon book b) it is styled after the "Disneyland" font and logo and Nate loves Disney and c) we are going to Disney(World) in a few weeks.

Then, for each coupon in the book, I came up with a present:

A) He had asked me for a new pruner at one point so I got him a new pruner and a hose sprayer for the yard work coupon.

B) For the Nap coupon, I bought him some new loungewear since most of his t-shirts are pretty ratty.

C) For the TV remote coupon, I bought him his favorite snack (pistachios) and two of his favorite ice cream flavors (cookie dough and reese's peanut butter cup) and I affixed these Martha Stewart labels onto them.

D) I will wait to see what his favorite meal is that he wants me to make for him.

E) For the fill in the blank coupon, I filled it in with "storytime with Maggie" and bought him "Hop on Pop". Last year for Father's Day I bought him two books about Dads that he frequently reads to Maggie. I thought it was a nice "TRADITIIOOOOON" to continue (We went to see Fiddler on the Roof Friday night. Pardon my slipping into song....)

Here is the most recent pic of Nate with Maggie. He was perching her on his shoulder the other night and twirling her around like a figure skater. She, obviously, loved it:

I have to thank the Mon Petit Amour blog for providing me with the links to the Daddyland Coupon book and the MS Labels.

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