Thursday, June 23, 2011

Grapefruit Popsicle "Recipe"

(This ones for you, Slunz.)

I have been collecting popsicle pictures and recipes for a while (such as these, pictured above). I did not have a popsicle mold so imagine my surprise when I found these at Target on Clearance for $1.98.

Before I made any recipes, I wanted to make sure the mold worked. For some reason, I remember trying to make popsicles when I was younger and they didn't really turn out.

We had some grapefruit juice (Florida's Natural Ruby Red Grapefruit) in the fridge.

I poured it into the molds.

Voila. Grapefruit Popsicles. And Might I just say - they were fantastic. The handle part of the mold has a little cup that catches any drips while you eat it - awesome!

Referring to that as a recipe in my previous post might have been a bit of an oversell.

When I do make some "real" recipes, I will for sure share!


Slunz said...

Love it! I remember making popsicles as a kid too and being disappointed. I think I know why, 1) for some reason we only had orange juice in our house and pulpy popsicles are kinda gross. 2) I had to use ice cube trays and not real popsicle molds. Picture an ice cube with a weak toothpick handle and me at age 8 - MESSY.

Thanks for sharing!

Old MD Girl said...

What a great idea!

BCK said...

RTC and I were just talking about getting popsicle molds! AND, I just saw this photo in an old issue of MS that I was browsing through the other night, and thought they looked so delish.