Monday, June 27, 2011

Crimp N Curl disaster

I started a Pinterest account a few weeks if I needed another Internet-based distraction.

For a while, I was safe at work because Pinterest didn't always work on my work computer. Then I got a BRAND NEW computer at work on Friday. PINTEREST WORKS!!! ha ha ha. Suckers.

I started a board to collect photos of hair dos that I like. (Yes, this is another post about hair).

One of the photos on this board, features your favorite and mine, GWYNETH:

How fantastic is this hair?!

I decided to attempt this over the weekend. I have a really old curling iron, but it doesn't really seem to work whenever I try it. I thought (probably incorrectly) that the curling iron was just old and that I needed a new one.

So I went to Target. I bought this curling iron.

I was really excited. I got home, heated it up and even read the instructions.


I should have taken a picture of the result, which was NOT even remotely close to Gwenyth's. Basically, the spiral portions of the iron were burned into my hair. It was like the evil spawn of a curling iron and a crimper. Thank goodness a ponytail was able to hide the evidence of my little experiment before I went to book club.

I think I need hair curling lessons.


heather said...

I had that curling iron (basically) back in the 80s and we used it not to create lovely Gwyneth waves but crazy spiral madness (and then made ginormous bangs in the front). :-)

BCK said...

i hope you returned it. haha.