Thursday, June 9, 2011

10 Things that Make Me Feel Old

{Sang to the tune of "Things that make you go MMM" ~C&C Music Factory circa 1994 (SEVENTEEN YEARS AGO!!).}

I am not one to "feel old". I genuinely was so excited to turn thirty this year, mostly so the number of condescending "you're in your 20s" comments would go down and I would be taken more seriously at work. But this week, I have had a number of of moments that made me "feel old"...

1) I did not renew my Vogue subscription...or Elle or Harper's Bazaar...I actually do not think I get any fashion magazines anymore!

2) I spent Sunday morning organizing my coupons and paper clipped like items together and then proceeded to snail mail my friends coupons. Diapers for BLK! Formula for KL & EL!...the list goes on. {anyone who needs Huggies diapers and/or wipes coupons, let me know!}. Furthermore, my day is made when our admin assistant (who is in her late 40s/early 50s) brings me the Target Baby coupon books that I mysteriously do not receive yet she does.

3) The last few blogs that I have added to my Google Reader have been couponing/deal-seeking blogs.

4) BLK and I just had an email conversation trying to decipher texting/FB language. Neither of us are really sure about a few things!

5)I fell asleep on the couch at 8:30 the other night. My husband had to wake me up to go to bed.

6) I put my pajamas on when I get home from work. At 5:15.

7) I am obsessed with online Scrabble.

8) Everything I bought yesterday at Target I had a coupon for: diapers, baby cereal, mustache wax. My daughter was having a breakdown while I was in the waxing/shaving aisle while I frantically was trying to find the $1 off Sally Hansen coupon I had. AHHH. Someday little girl you will have to wax your mustache and I will tell you this story about how you almost made me abandon ship and become the mom with a mustache.

9) I actually said, outloud, to the woman at Fleet Feet Sports who recognized me right away as the woman who has bought and returned several sports bras over the past 9 months "Having children totally messes with your boobs".

10) Every year my HS friends and I venture back to our hometown for the Walleye Weekend. A reunion of sorts. This year, we have to take into account babies and plan around nap times, feeding schedules, and when to pump. One husband actually wondered aloud if his wife could breastfeed in a porta potty. (He kids! I think)


Maayan said...

a) this post just made my day. hilarious.

b) c+c music factory's gonna make you sweat (along with boyz II men's cooleyhighharmony) = my first cds. 'member cds? whole albums? talk about old. i was in 7th grade. that was a good birthday. got a boom box, too.

Old MD Girl said...

How about this -- I've had my driver's license for OVER HALF MY LIFE.

My first cassette was George Michael, Faith.

My freshman year in college was the first year they rolled out email to the entire entering class.

My dorm in high school had a communal pay phone for everyone on the hall the share.

We had a rotary phone when I was growing up.

BrookeK said...

This post cracks me up! and yes, I think he was joking...or at least he would hold my beer while I breastfeed in the porta! haha