Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Reflections on the Ipad: GAMING

I previously posted on how I like using my Ipad as an e-reader. In that instance, my favorite app is FlipBoard. "It's your personalized, social magazine." With that advertising, how could I NOT like it?! I will confess that my desire for an Ipad soared once I heard a segment on NPR about Flipboard.

My (and my husband's) other favorite use of the Ipad is Gaming. I am so not a gamer in the video game sense of the word. The one game I play on the Ipad is Words with Friends. HELLO ADDICTION. Love this game. I have to refrain sometimes from taking advantage of wireless at work and just playing a word every now and again. ;)

And Yes, I do let Nate use the Ipad - he just has to notify and surrender if a notification pops up that it is my turn on Words with Friends. Nate has a lot more games that he has downloaded and plays - Soduko, MahJong Tiles, Angry Birds, Rise of Atlantis and Tetari are some of his faves. While I like MahJong Tiles, I really do not get how Angry Birds is a top App. I think I'm missing something.

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