Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New Additions to the Google Reader: Versus and Owlet

It has been awhile since I featured some new blogs I am reading in my Google Reader.

My new favorite (as of 20 minutes ago) blog is Versus. I first read about Versus on Whip Up (another must add for you crafters). The premise of versus is a "virtual boxing match between knitting and sewing where readers can vote on roundups and tutorials – and hopefully inspire knitters to sew and sewists to knit." Done. I'm inspired. I must figure out a way to quit my job and craft for a living!

Another new blog I added to my Google Reader is Owlet which features the inspirations (art! fashion! shoes! homewares! photography!) of my friend, MS. And of course, since she is my friend, she has excellent taste. Just check out her post on Royal Wedding headgear! MS is also the brainchild behind the online bookgroup I am in - Reading Without Borders. I was a bit skeptical about how an online bookclub would work but it is amazing. It has been fun to digest books with others while reading them and be able to do it whenever I have time. Our books so far have been: Cutting For Stone (February), March (March), The City and The City (April), Cloud Atlas (May), and A Visit from the Goon Squad (June).

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Maayan said...

thank you, friend. :)